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Square Enix reveals ‘Legend of Mana HD remaster’ coming to Steam


Square Enix announced Legend of Mana HD remaster today. The publisher revealed that their PSX cult classic will come to Steam this summer, June 24.

Legend of Mana HD remaster will be a modern remaster of their PSX title of the same name. While not a part of their most successful titles, Square Enix is pushing to add these classic titles and remaster them for their beautiful pixel art aesthetic.

Mana franchise among the most beautiful SE games of all time

Legend of Mana was not the level of bestsellers like Trials of Mana or Final Fantasy. Even then, it is fondly remembered among fans. Its colorful aesthetic, beautiful, lush world and hand-drawn graphics made it a memorable treat.

In the limited power of the PSX, at its time among the more powerful consoles, it was able to show off a special game. The game’s Land Make mechanics was controversial, as players weave their own sequencing of the story.

The non-linear gameplay is stellar. The game also allows for a second player to help, but they are relegated mostly to combat. Now, old-timers who got to play it the first time around can enjoy the remaster for PC.

Square Enix is doing a consistent remaster of many of their old titles. The Mana franchise is among those getting the best treatment from this initiative by the publisher.

Legend of Mana remaster will be as basic as it gets

Legend of Mana HD remaster will be generally rudimentary. The game will have HD graphics, which will look good due to its pixel art. Fans expect it to have the same glorious look as the Secret of Mana remake.

The game will likely retain its old topdown view, reminiscent of this era of gaming. The trailer for the game looks beautiful. All art assets, especially the backgrounds and overworld, are clean and crisp for those who don’t want to pull out their CRTs.

Based on the trailer, the boss battles will remain spectacular. Every pixel art retains the original feel of the game back when it first came out. The remasters don’t stop at the graphics either.

The new HD remaster will also have rearranged audio to add more immersion. The original Ring Ring Land mini-game will also be available for everyone to play. The mini-game was Japan-exclusive, which means English players didn’t have access to it.

Among the many remasters that Square Enix has done over the years, the Mana series gets the best aesthetic upgrades. Legend of Mana HD remaster will be available on June 24 for PC, PS4, and the Nintendo Switch.

Featured image courtesy of Square Enix/Youtube Screenshot

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