Square Enix unveils ‘Project Athia’, a spellbinding third-person adventure

Square Enix unveils Project Athia, a spellbinding third-person adventure

Sony’s PlayStation 5 reveal event set the stage for Square Enix’s latest undertaking, a magically infused action-adventure with the working title Project Athia.

Japanese video game developer and publisher Square Enix made their presence known during the PlayStation 5 reveal event by blowing the crowd away with their newest intellectual property reveal for what is currently called as Project Athia.

According to the reveal trailer, the fantasy epic will be a timed console exclusive for the PlayStation 5, but will also be making its way to PC.

Project Athia reveal trailer

The minute-long teaser trailer was a tantalizing blend of in-game footage and cinematic sequences, showing off a sneaker-wearing, magic-wielding female protagonist seemingly wandering through an alien world.

Square Enix‘s reveal video also showcased some of the game’s impressive sprawling landscapes and a few fantastic creatures, both big and small.

Although the video boasted that Project Athia was “designed for PlayStation 5,” it was revealed towards the end that the game would also be available on PC.

A word from one of the game’s writers

Following Project Athia’s surprise trailer, screenwriter Gary Whitta—known for his involvement in The Book of Eli and Star Wars: Rogue One—posted a tweet revealing that he headed the group of writers responsible for crafting the game’s narrative.

According to Whitta, the all-star band of writers (who were involved in films, television, games, and novels) came together to create an “immense new universe for Square Enix.”

The use of the word “universe” suggests that the Final Fantasy developer may be planning to parlay the new intellectual property into a franchise.

Luminous Productions

While Square Enix is one of the most renowned video game publishers and developers around, the second name in the video, Luminous Productions, isn’t quite as famous.

The relatively new video game development studio was established in March 2018 and is a subsidiary of Square Enix. The pioneer members of the studio were employees who worked on the latest installment in the long-running RPG series, Final Fantasy 15.

it’s interesting to note that Project Athia will be Luminous Productions’ first full-fledged game since they’ve only assisted with the development of Final Fantasy 15 so far.

A fun fact is the term “Luminous” in the company’s name is a purposeful reference to a game engine called the “Luminous Studio engine,” which is what is currently being used by Project Athia.

Square Enix has yet to announce the game’s release date or even window for that matter, so fans will want to stay tuned for more information out Project Athia.

Image courtesy of Square Enix/Twitter

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