Stacked widgets, new look for lock screen will be available in Android 12

It’s been a fantastic week for the Android users. The exciting week has brought various new models to the market. First came the leaks of Google’s Android 12 OS preview.

Now, on an official term, Google has publically released the Android 12 OS preview. This will surge the curiosity of the users for digging into the new features. That will also give an insight into how the company is working.

In the past couple of days, there have been many discoveries regarding Android 12 OS. These discoveries include several hints for changing UI.

What new can be expected in Android 12 OS?

Stacked Widgets: This feature is the same as that of the iOS processor. It is an expanded creative space. This feature allows you to accommodate all widgets which are of the same size.

This allows a center scrolling. Along with that, finding a particular widget won’t be that tedious. Searching a specific widget and scrolling over not only surges time but also wastes efficiency and drains the battery.

Android 12 OS was always looking for this innovative feature. As the new UI is promising, it will be a treat to watch and use this Android version.

Previously, XDA Developers also showcased the new updates of UI. The new facility included is the enabling of the new lock screen. The always-on display will provide better sustainability.

The bottom line of the content:

The text of the clock is always mounted on the top of the screen. When a notification arrives, the clock itself moves to the right position. The new placement of notification icons is expected in UI.

This feature is available in the always-on display section. The notification icons will be placed on the upper left part of the screen.

It is hard to know that when Google will release Android 12 in the market. Will it be able to live up to the expectations of the users? How will it look in the final form? These questions are striking in every tech enthusiast as of now.

The only solution for these questions is to follow the leaked news. Everything is not assured. The only thing which is true to itself is the placement of the notification panel. Google is planning to shift the notification icon panel in the recent UI update.

The developer preview hints give us an insight into what changes can be expected in the latest update.

Stay tuned to Micky’s news update.


Image courtesy of XEETECHCARE/YouTube Screenshot

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