StackOS launches program to tap full potential of their $STACK token 


StackOS is an open protocol that advocates decentralization to create more opportunities for both investors and non-investors.

Through the platform, people can deploy full-stack applications, blockchain private nets, and decentralized apps with more ease, affordability, and security. 

With the goal to create massive opportunities for everybody, StackOS have recently kickstarted a program that allows participants to earn and be rewarded with $STACK tokens, StackOS’ very own token. 

From the total pool of 500,000 $STACK tokens, holders would be provided an opportunity to gain additional tokens depending on the total points they have acquired. 

It’s happening!

For two weeks, starting on May 21, 2021, StackOS would jumpstart their daily snapshot in random order. Holders’ tier and the points they will receive will be determined by the number of $STACK tokens in their wallets. 

For holders who are interested in taking part in this opportunity, they must first stake into the Liquidity Program, and this stake (must) be equal to or more than the required average amount during the pre-staking program. 

They will receive their token prizes in the course of four months and must follow one of the main requirements, which is to maintain their tokens staked in the liquidity program. 

Freedom to join and buy

Participants have the freedom to purchase more tokens to jump into the next tier or accumulate additional points in the next snapshot. What they are not allowed to do is downgrade their tier. 

They must also remember that if the system doesn’t detect their participation in the program or if they were unable to unlock their tokens, they will not be eligible to get their monthly rewards. 

Once this happens, the system will evenly distribute the rewards to their fellow participants. 

Also, participants who chose not to make any stakes in the Staking and Liquidity Program must be reminded that they won’t be receiving any rewards. 

More details about the program will be announced in the coming days. 

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