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Stadia Pro releases free games and Chromebooks are in for a treat


Google attempts to shine in the realm of cloud gaming as they treat users with free games this August. Chromebook users are also entitled to 3-month access to Stadia Pro.

This month, Google has been trying to add more games to its library in order to cater to players including Hitman 3.

It seems that Stadia Pro is pushing its marketing to the test as they are introducing a perk in their Chromebook line. Good news for present Chromebook users, you can get your free access as long as your model is released from June 2017 onwards.

Stadia Pro gives away a decent variety of games

The cloud game streaming service will provide its users with more freebies for this month. Ever since its November launch last year, the platform has come a long way.

Stadia Pro has unveiled five games such as Just Shapes & Beats, Metro 2033 Redux, Strange Brigade, Grid, and Kona.

With Google pushing through its cloud game streaming service to catch up with Nvidia’s GeForce Now, we may see a healthy competition coming up in the next months.

Testers are giving viewers a peek of the new Crowd Play feature

Crowd Play will let viewers play with their favorite streamer on their game so players can imagine playing NBA 2K20 alongside them.

As per 9to5Google, they have reached out to the tech giant and according to Google’s spokesperson, a “small number of testers” are being given access to Stadia’s live streaming tools.

One of the lucky testers, Karim Jovian, a famous American YouTuber also posted on his Twitter that he will demo crowd play to its viewers at 5:00 PM EST.

In addition, he also plans on giving away a copy of Mortal Kombat 11 for those who will watch his stream. If the test becomes a success, then we may see Stadia slowly emerge from the cloud gaming category.

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