‘STALKER 2’ trailer has a cameo from the series creator!


In case you missed it, there’s one key detail in the recently revealed STALKER 2 gameplay trailer showcased during the E3 2021.

Did you know there’s an actual cameo of the series creator, Sergiy Grygorovych, in the STALKER 2 trailer? Yes, you read that right.

‘STALKER 2’ trailer: The details you missed

STALKER is a beloved series as far as the fanbase is concerned, and with the sequel just one year away, the anticipation is huge at the moment.

Just like the Shadow of Chernobyl, the upcoming Heart of Chernobyl chapter is highly awaited. Especially after the recently revealed trailer of STALKER 2 during the E3 2021.

The trailer received a lot of praise from all the fans looking forward to the next installment. However, many of them might have ignored a big cameo in the clip.

Well, it’s none other than GSC Game World’s founder Sergiy Grygorovych who makes an appearance in the STALKER 2 trailer.

Remember that scene where several men are sitting around a campfire, talking to the protagonist Skiff?

When the video is about to end, one man puts a hand on Skif’s shoulder and says, “Good hunting, stalker.”

This person is none other than Sergiy Grygorovych himself, the CEO and founder of GSC Game World.

Talking about the trailer itself then it revealed a new faction that will be seen in the sequel. However, what’s even more interesting is the option of modifying your weapons on the go!

The location of the lookout tower where Skif is seen hunting for the artifacts is from a swamps area in Stalker: Clear Sky.

The game is yet to get to a release date, but it’s confirmed for arrival in April 2022.

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New video games in 2021

Meanwhile, die-hard gaming enthusiasts are currently looking forward to many fresh releases scheduled to come out in 2021.

Speaking of the most-awaited heavyweights, there will be names like Halo Infinite, Dying Light 2, and Far Cry 6.

Death loop, Horizon Forbidden West, a new Call of Duty entry, Battlefield 2042, and Humankind are also on the list.

The big line-up extends even further with the likes of No More Heroes 3, Cyber Shadow, and Kena: Bridge of Spirits.

Scarlet Nexus, Back 4 Blood, Psychonauts 2, and New World are other crucial launches.

Coming back to STALKER 2, it will be launched as an Xbox exclusive as well as for PC in April 2022.

What do you think about all the major games arriving in this year and beyond? Are you excited and hyped for them already?

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