‘Star Citizen’ gets 3.9 update, now feature complete

'Star Citizen' Before Full Release

The ongoing pandemic does not seem to affect the continued development for Star Citizen as it gets its new update with version 3.9. In essence, making it feature complete prior to a full release.

We take a look at the game with its massive update in tow and see the changes that took place along the way.

Brighter AIs, Better Collision Detection

One of the major changes tied into the game’s latest build is the augment in the NPC’s collision-detection system. This means that spaceships that are ‘manned’ by an NPC is also less likely to bump into objects moving forward.

Although amusing to see, the improved AI significantly offsets spaceships from seeing undue destruction due to collision with an asteroid. This also means that pilots now handle flights better by anticipating incoming objects in the intended path.

Better Enemy Pilots as Well

The AI enhancement concerning flight is not just exclusive to NPCs, they are also aimed at enemies as well. While not intended at making dog fights overly difficult, it possibly meant better adeptness in aerial situations.

No means perfect in its implementation, Cloud Imperium Games claim that subsequent patches are aimed at improving the algorithm further.

Bringing Friends Closer Together and Easier

Earlier builds of Star Citizen is replete with bugs and issues with regards to the multiplayer aspect with friends. With the troubles brought to the developer’s attention, the latest iteration of the game sees an improvement in this aspect.

Expanded Status Options

CIG is attempting to bring its ambitions to the game to heights with its implementation of the ‘status system’. Essentially a cause-and-effect kind of thing, this new system seeks to add dynamics into the game.

Yet, still new, the developers have also plans in further refining the feature in successive installments.

Bounty System

The world of Star Citizen is never a stranger to NPCs that have bounties over their heads. But such NPCs now have the awareness to be at their toes when a potential hunter is nearby.

With an improvement in this system, players will now see their target running before they could even get close. That is, because of a bolstered AI system which gives the said NPC cognition to an event.

New Ship

Making for an interesting entry into the game is the new ship by the name of Ephelia Prowler. Not only is this sleek-looking spacecraft a fancy to look at, it also packs a lot of power, too. Much to it being touted as a potential killer of larger ships.

Image used courtesy of Twitter/Star Citizen

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