‘Star Trek: Picard’: James McAvoy wants Patrick Stewart’s iconic role

James McAvoy is reportedly a huge Star Trek fan and if he were asked to star in the franchise, the X-Men actor said that he’d love to take on Patrick Stewart’s iconic role, Jean-Luc Picard.

Stewart recently reprised his role as the Star Fleet captain in the CBS All Access series Star Trek: Picard. James McAvoy said, while appearing as a guest on Jimmy Fallon’s talk show, that he is willing to play Stewart’s character’s young version.

There are no plans for a young Picard in the series just yet. The show is currently in the middle of the production of its second season. McAvoy, however, is determined to be in the cast.

“If they don’t hire me, I’m going to make it on my phone!” the actor said. “I’m calling that right now. I’m doing the virtual lockdown equivalent of rubbing my scent all over Patrick’s face and saying, ‘This territory is mine.’”

He played a younger Patrick Stewart role before

Fans of the X-men movie franchise are aware that McAvoy is the younger version of Stewart’s other iconic role, Professor Charles Xavier. When asked how he felt to step into Stewart’s role during a red carpet event, McAvoy apparently boastfully said that he’ll bury Stewart.

Stewart learned of that response and spoke about it on Seth Meyer’s late-night show. He recounted McAvoy’s reply and appeared to be scoffing at him. In the end, however, Stewart said that he has huge respect for McAvoy’s acting skills and that he’ll be outstanding as Prof. Xavier.

Incidentally, X-men fans both think that Stewart and McAvoy played the role of the X-men leader perfectly.

Stewart said in another interview that he’s quite paranoid that McAvoy wants to play “every young version of everything I do.” But the truth of the matter is that they are good friends and Stewart cannot help but praise McAvoy for his brilliance and talent, as well as his funny and cheeky personality.

The actor is spoofing Star Trek on Instagram

During this pandemic lockdown, McAvoy unleashed his creative side and made a few hilarious Star Trek parody videos. One of these videos actually contains a shoutout to Stewart.

It remains to be unclear if this is the actor’s attempt to convince the Star Trek producers to take him on board but his followers have been loving the spoofs. Needless to say, the response has been positive that James McAvoy might actually have a future in the franchise.

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