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‘Star Wars’: Chris Evans in talks with Disney for future projects


Captain America star Chris Evans could soon join the galaxy far, far away. Reports have it that the actor is in talks with Disney for future Star Wars projects.

Following his retirement from the Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU), Evans is apparently eyeing a spot in the Star Wars world. An insider said that the actor has had a number of “informal talks” with Disney executives.

According to reports, Evans hasn’t signed anything yet as details are not ironed out. But Kevin Feige, who built the MCU, and director Rian Johnson have some Star Wars projects in the pipeline.

Feige sealed Evans’ stardom with Captain America and Avengers. Johnson and Evans previously worked on the blockbuster action film Knives Out. The actor’s great working relationship with these two big wigs and could likely land him a role in their future Star Wars project.

What’s next for the Skywalker saga?

Johnson signed on with Lucasfilm and Disney for three more movies before The Last Jedi even hit the big screen in 2017, per Entertainment Tonight.

Lucasfilm head Kathleen Kennedy said that they like working with the director despite the reaction for The Last Jedi. The movie, which Johnson co-wrote, became the most divisive story of the nearly 50-year-old franchise.

Fans speculated that Johnson’s deal with Lucasfilm and Disney had been pulled out because of the polarizing reaction. However, the director told Entertainment Tonight that his projects are still active.

Feige, on the other hand, has also signed on with Lucasfilm and Disney in 2019 for a “new wave” of Star Wars content. The Marvel boss is apparently a die-hard fan of the franchise.

What’s next for Evans?

Evans’ last non-MCU movie was Knives Out, where he played the villain. In 2020, the actor had TV miniseries on the Apple TV+ streaming platform. Defending Jacob won’t likely get a second season, which means that Evans can do other projects since he won’t be tied to a series.

He’s due to work on The Gray Man with Ryan Gosling, which will reunite him with the Russo brothers, the Avengers directors. The Gray Man is a spy movie, set for release on Netflix. Production has yet to start, pending COVID-19 safety restrictions and protocols.

Evans is also negotiating to star in a re-adaptation of Little Shop of Horrors with Greg Berlanti. He’s rumored to be circling the lead in a film about the Bermuda Triangle.

With a few projects lined-up, Evans could likely have his schedules booked for the next three years; thus his Star Wars debut is still up in the air.

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