‘Star Wars’ MMORPG ‘The Old Republic’ lands on Steam

'Star Wars' MMORPG 'The Old Republic' lands on Steam

Electronic Arts’ nearly decade-old Massively Multiplayer Online Role-Playing Game Star Wars: The Old Republic finally hits Valve’s digital distribution service.

Nine years after its debut, EA’s long-standing MMO based on George Lucas’ legendary Star Wars epic has finally graced the digital shelves of the Steam store.

Many fans consider Star Wars: The Old Republic (SWTOR) as the successor to the beloved Knights of the Old Republic series, treating gamers to a familiar story-based experience despite being an online title.

SWTOR is widely considered as one of the most successful MMORPG‘s of all time, and certainly one of the more ambitious ones.

Star Wars: The Old Republic’s new features

For long-time players hesitant to make the switch to the new platform, EA’s got you covered. Alongside its Steam release, The Old Republic now features a cross-save and cross-play feature.

This allows players to continue their progress whether they decide to switch to Steam or return to using SWTOR’s direct launcher.

As with all Steam games, EA‘s MMORPG features trading cards that can be unlocked by playing the game or by trading with other users. There are eight cards to collect in total that showcase some of the franchise’s iconic characters, which can be used to craft badges.

Steam emoticons are another cool addition to the game’s new platform and can be acquired through the aforementioned badge crafting. Players can hunt down five Jawa-themed emoticons that they can use on the gaming platform.

Star Wars fans looking for more swag can also pick up six unique backgrounds that they can display on their Steam profile by crafting more badges.

Last, but certainly not the least, trophy-mongers will be glad to know that The Old Republic will feature Steam achievements somewhere down the line, just not at launch.

The bad news is the Steam achievements will be a copy-paste of the game’s original set of achievements and will feature zero new ones. On the plus side, they will be retroactive so Steam will automatically detect achievements that were previously unlocked.

A grand adventure in a galaxy far far away

The Old Republic’s narrative takes place right around the time a fragile peace was agreed upon between the Galactic Republic and the revived Sith Empire.

Gamers can choose between eight different classes, each with their own unique storyline that unfolds as they gain levels.

Just like in the Knights of the Old Republic games, players can choose to ally themselves with either the Republic or the Empire, but will still have a light/dark side morality meter no matter which side they choose.

Star Wars: The Old Republic sports fully voiced dialogue, AI-controlled party members, and story-altering choices akin to the Bioware games. Now’s the perfect time to give the MMORPG a go, since a large chunk of the experience is currently free-to-play.

Image courtesy of The Old Republic/Twitter

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