‘Star Wars’ to clone Yoda for new movie starring Daisy Ridley

Yoda could return to the Star Wars universe via cloning in a future movie featuring Daisy Ridley’s Rey, a new report revealed.

According to We Got This Covered, Lucasfilm plans to revive Yoda for the next batch of Star Wars films. A still-unnamed villain will reportedly clone the Jedi Master and succeed in using Yoda’s powers for the villain’s evil plans.

Potentially, the iconic character might be re-introduced in the solo film planned for Rey, but Star Wars also has another batch of trilogies for release in 2023, 2025 and 2027. The doors are still open for Yoda to reappear in these films as well.

When did Yoda actually die?

Yoda died of natural causes at the age of 900 years old in Star Wars Episode VI: Return of the Jedi (1983). However, Yoda could transcend death as a Jedi Master, and he used the Force to show himself to his padawan, Luke Skywalker, in Star Wars Episode VIII: The Last Jedi (2017).

But the spirit of Yoda lives on in the Star Wars fandom. More recently, Lucasfilm introduced Baby Yoda in The Mandalorian Disney+ series. Mystery still surrounds the origin of the infant alien resembling Yoda, especially since the child also has the same powers as his predecessor.

Theories abound that Baby Yoda is Yoda’s son, but Star Wars fans are having a hard time figuring out who could be his mother. Some assume that the infant might be Yoda with some sort of Benjamin Button disease. Others speculate that he’s a shapeshifter, a Horcrux, a reincarnation of the old Yoda, or an actual clone.

Rey’s solo film in development

Meanwhile, We Got This Covered also reported that Disney and Lucasfilm are developing a Rey solo movie that will follow the events of Star Wars Episode IX: The Rise of the Skywalker (2019). The former Jakku scavenger and now a Jedi trainee learned of her real lineage in the last movie, and this is apparently where the story will pick up.

Ridley is still being eyed to star in the upcoming film but the actress said while promoting The Rise of the Skywalker that she doesn’t think she’ll return.

“I don’t think someone could come to me with a story and say, ‘This is better than what you got to do in The Rise of Skywalker,'” Ridley said. “It would be so shocking if they were able to do that.”

The actress said that playing Rey was both physical and emotional, particular for the last Star Wars movie.

“I just got to do so much in this one that I don’t think anything could top it for this character,” Ridley said.

Image used courtesy of Star Wars/YouTube

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