‘Star Wars’ video games will be rebranded under Lucasfilm Games

Star Wars video games have come under Lucasfilm Games’ acquisition as the company has rebranded all the titles under them.

Star Wars video games will now fall under Lucasfilm Games. Moreover, it is a brand new try to entitle proper consistency for the Star Wars gaming catalog.

The rebranding announcement shocked most fans

The rebranding was announced on the official website of Starwars.com. Here, a ton of other games was also selected and made by various other studios.

In addition to all the future titles, Star Wars video games will fall under the same umbrella category. Apart from being individual, now the game will be a part of Lucasfilm Games as a whole.

Furthermore, the Lucas Gaming brand name has been on for so long as the company’s original name has been divided under George Lucas.

The studio was rebranded under LucasArts in the 1990s. Then, the division was not a success as the company was acquitted under Disney for the improper management and constant losses faced that year.

The announcement has shocked quite a few fans. Moreover, the announcement was made by Lucasfilm as well. They have released a sizzle video that highlights the previous Star War games as well.

Some of the games include Star Wars, Jedi: Fallen Order, and Star Wars: Squadrons.

The rebranding campaign is a total success

The rebranding campaign has been a huge success for both studios. It has been done as Star Wars continuously looks forward to enriching the player’s gameplay plus experience and extending their list of franchises.

The announcement reads:

“With Lucasfilm and the galaxy, far and far away from entering a new and an unprecedented phase of creativity. The new franchises will be out as work is under development and collaboration done from the finest of studios present in the industry.”

StarWars.com is really thrilled with the new collaboration and merge done by the studio.

They are thrilled to reveal that from now Lucasfilm Games will be used in all their titles. Moreover, it is a name that encompasses the company’s rich list of games. Plus, it is a catalog of new releases that are going to be released soon.

The company has even taken its announcement on social media handles as well. They have set two new handles to deliver the upcoming news and any update regarding the collaboration.

Meanwhile, Star Wars video games have announced that fans can now find their favorite studio on Twitter and even Facebook.


Image courtesy of IGN/YouTube Screenshot

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