Stardew Valley Cup eSports event explained


Eric “ConcernedApe” Barone announced the upcoming Stardew Valley Cup, an eSports event for his typically laidback farming sim Stardew Valley, with a prize pool of “over $40,000”.

The Stardew Valley Cup is not something anyone expected from the title. So far, there is scant information on the details of the contest. What the public knows is that the event will happen on September 4, 12 PM EST/9 AM PST. There will be several events, comprising of four teams battling for the cash prize.

Tournament to host four teams

Eric Barone announced the eSports tournament over Twitter, collaborating with Youtuber UnsurpassableZ for its first official tournament. The entire event has very few details for now, apart from the general overview of the contest.

The event will host four teams, namely Sandy’s Candies, Pierre’s Cherries, Pam’s Yams, and Krobus’s Crocuses. According to UnsurpassableZ, the entire tournament will include hundreds of events that teams need to complete. The event follows a point system, with a difficulty to reward ratio in place.

By adding such a ratio, it prevents teams from abusing the easy events just to rack up more points. Players will be given two weeks to prepare and create their strategies too. Apart from the events given to players, there will also be surprise events that players need to wing and win.

“In collaboration with UnsurpassableZ, I’m pleased to announce the 1st official Stardew Valley Cup! It’s a competition of skill, knowledge, and teamwork, with a prize pool of over $40k. See some of Stardew’s most dedicated players in their element! Main event is Sept. 4th 9am PST,” said Eric Barone on his Twitter.

SDV Cup more complicated than expected

The Stardew Valley Cup is a generally weird event to have. From the looks of it, the entire event will have a massive checklist of things to do, with something as simple as shipping a unique item to owning a warp obelisk. It should encompass a more complete gameplay from the participants themselves.

“Can’t describe how excited I am to host this, and how thankful I am to everyone involved!” said UnsurpassableZ on a Youtube comment. “If you guys have been saying you think my channel is underrated and want to help out, getting the word out and building up hype will be HUGE. This is obviously a really big thing for me, and I’m happy that each of you have gotten to be a part of my journey 🙂 See you all September 4th!”

The Stardew Valley Cup will be ready to watch on September 4. It will involve up to 4 teams of 4 players each, with each one being either a speedrunner or a content creator.

Featured image courtesy of Unsurpassablez/Youtube Screenshot

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