‘Stardew Valley’ developer teases more content in 1.5 update

Stardew Valley is celebrating its fourth anniversary this year, and the developers are adding new content. The upcoming 1.5 update remains mostly a mystery for now, but there are new details being teased by the devs.

Developer ConcernedApe is hard-pressed on the 1.5 update for Stardew ValleyThe game continues to grow bigger and bigger, and the upcoming update will add more exciting features. Just recently, the developer decided it was time to tease the fan base with more content.

Ducks and water trees

In a recent tweet, ConcernedApe revealed that ducks and water trees are going to be added once update 1.5 arrives. While these may seem like minor additions, the community surrounding the game couldn’t help but feel excited.

The addition of these two new features simply means that players will have more ways to customize their farms. The ducks are most likely a part of the farm animals that the players can care for. As for the trees, these might mostly serve as an aesthetic addition to the game.

Some fans have speculated that the water trees might not be what they seem. Rumors are going around that these might mean that floods are going to the game. It’s either that or there will be a major overhaul to the layout of the land, which allows for players to plant trees in the water.

What else is in update 1.5?

Stardew Valley update 1.5 is free, and it’s going to add a ton of new content to the game. The developers have already teased what’s to come in previous tweets.

In previous teases, the developers have announced that banana trees and three other types of trees are going to be added to the game. This means that players can customize their farms even more once the new update arrives.

ConcernedApe has also teased that there will be some new form of endgame content being planned for update 1.5. However, they’ve yet to dive deeper into exactly what this is. Since the update has been under work for a long time now, we might be getting more details soon.

Stardew Valley is going to get considerably bigger once the new update arrives, and fans are obviously excited. There might be more content that the developer is still yet to reveal. Hopefully, ConcernedApe and ChuckleFish games reveal more of these new features soon as fans are already way too excited to see what’s next.

Image used courtesy of ConcernedApe/Twitter

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