‘Stardew Valley’ will add split-screen co-op to 1.5 update

Stardew Valley will add split-screen coop to 1.5 update

Stardew Valley now has more details about its upcoming 1.5 update. From what it seems, players can now get local split-screen co-op and more.

Eric “ConcernedApe” Barone announced that the 1.5 update for Stardew Valley would have a split-screen co-op. This update will allow up to four local players in a shared farm, making it great for couples.

Split-screen works for up to four players

The screenshot Barone posted on Twitter showed two players on a split-screen. Like multiplayer, the players can do whatever chore they need within the world. The PC version of the game will support up to four players.

How a four-player split-screen on PC works is anybody’s guess. The game will likely run on any combination of keyboards and controllers.

The screenshot contained a myriad of goodies too that long-time players of the game are looking forward to in the future.

For starters, one of the images shows what seems to be a desert farm. While a desert ranch will indeed look good, this farm type will likely be a beach farm. Similar to Harvest Moon’s Seaside Cottage, it will likely be in a new location in the Valley.

ConcernedApe teased a new location in a previous Twitter post. In it, players can fish in what seems to be a mangrove lake with some ducks swimming. Considering mangroves to grow in saltwater, this is likely an unlockable seaside area.

New processors, decors for next SDV update

There are a ton of new, hidden items on the screenshot for the upcoming Stardew Valley update. As is tradition, these are new items that Barone is will implement soon.

The screenshot has a new, sleeker chest, but it’s anybody’s guess what it can do right now. There’s also a telephone, which is likely a way to connect with the town’s denizens.

Players will also see a new machine with a “bone” symbol, whatever it is. It’s likely either a way to make bone meal fertilizers, like in Minecraft.

It’s also possible that it’s an equipment for processing artifacts, whether via recycling or geode processing.

From the image, a few processors are also available. Three similar items on the north side of the platform are likely hoppers that connect to the chest.

A different-looking wooden hopper also connects to the furnace.

All these end-game content ties into ConcernedApe’s promise. One of the more common complaints about Stardew is how little there is to do near the end.

With these new processors and items, players have more content to play with.

There’s no clear information when Stardew Valley 1.5 update is coming. With the pandemic around, it’s likely not coming until the end of the year.

Featured image courtesy of ConcernedApe/Twitter

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