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‘Start-Up’ relationship chart unveiled with details of its plot


tvN’s upcoming drama Start-Up shared its relationship chart, alongside some details about the plot.

The new drama Start-Up sets out in a fictional Silicon Valley of South Korea called Sandbox. It is where the young aspirant will pursue and strive for success in the world of emerging companies.

The four lead stars

The new thing about the chart is that it sets out the relationship between the four lead characters.

Suzy Bae, who plays the role of Seo Dal Mi, dreams of being the next Steve Jobs of Korea. She is a contract worker chasing her to achieve her dreams.

Nam Joo Hyuk plays the role of Nam Do San, the genius engineer who founded Samsan Tech. Kim Seon Ho stars as Hang Ji Pyung, the team leader of Venture Captial Firm.

Kang Han Na plays the role of Won In Jae, the CEO of Nature Morning.

Meanwhile, Seo Dal Mi and Won In Jae are sisters, but they have different surnames. Both have different social positions. Seo Dal Mi is a contract worker, while Won In Jae is a CEO.

Love triangle

The chart draws a line hinting at a love triangle in the series. It interconnects between Seo Dal Mi and Nam Do San, and in Seo Dal Mi and Han Ji Pyung.

Seo Dal Mi thought she was comforted by Nam Do San through a handwritten letter from the past scenes. However, it was written by Han Ji Pyung at the request of Seo Dal Mi’s grandmother Choi Won Deok.

The family tree of Start-Up young dreamers

Surrounding Nam Do San are engineers Kim Yong San and Lee Chul San. They are also the co-founders of Samsan Tech. His parents are Nam Sung-Hwan and Park Geum Jung.

Together with Seo Dal Mi’s grandmother, Choi Won Deok, are the characters who are reliable helpers for the leads.

Seo Dal Mi and Won In Jae’s mother is Cha Ah Hyun. She appears under the Dal Mi’s family.

Under the In Jae’s family is her step-father Won Doo Jung, the president of the company. Furthermore, Woon Sang-Soo is the assistant of Won In Jae.

Yoon Suk Hak is the head of SH Venture Capital, where Han Ji Pyung works as the team leader. Also, the well-rounded designers are Jung Sa Ha and Alex, the directors of the portal sites.

Image courtesy of The Swoon/YouTube Screenshot

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