‘Start-Up’ star Kim Seon Ho shares acting techniques in VLIVE broadcast

Kim Seon Ho revealed his techniques in memorizing drama and theater lines and how he nails his crying scenes.

Start-Up charmer Kim Seon Ho has recently interacted with his fans in a V Live broadcast.

He shared on the broadcast that he doesn’t want to disappoint his fans. The promising actor revealed that he enjoys being on social media, explaining that he finds it enjoyable seeing his fans’ posts.

And since he doesn’t want to disappoint his fans, the actor says that he feels a competitive drive to press “like” quickly.

On dealing with crying scenes

The actor was asked in the broadcast how he focuses on crying scenes. Kim Seon Ho then revealed that whenever he is asked to pour his tears, he can immediately cry to some extent.

He went on sharing that he finds it difficult to cry while acting. He also finds it challenging to cry while everyone is watching him, including dozens of staff. For him to be comfortable, he thinks that the scenario with the co-actor is real.

Furthermore, Kim Seon Ho continued to elaborate that he tries to believe what’s in front of his eyes during acting sessions.

He focuses on the scene’s purpose and what he is trying to say in that particular scene, rather than the emotion.

The techniques of memorizing scripts

He revealed that he paints a picture in his head for the actor to memorize lines for dramas and plays.

The actor explained that once an actor draws a picture in his head, he can memorize things more quickly.

He also shared that he first understand what he is reading and then think that he is saying it to someone in familiarizing scripts.

“There’s no special method,” he said. “You have to know it well if you’re trying to explain something… and the secret is to work hard,” Kim Seon Ho added.


Image courtesy of Netflix Asia/YouTube Screenshot

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