‘Start-Up’ unveiled a glimpse of Suzy Bae, Nam Joo Hyuk

tvN recently unveiled a new sneak peek clip for the upcoming drama Start-Up with lead stars Suzy Bae and Nam Joo Hyuk.

The story Start-up sets out where young dreamers chase their success in the world of startup companies.

Exhaustion on her face

Seo Dal Mi is worn-out in the newly released stills, and Nam Do San makes a relatable duo as they are riding in the subway separately. Although Seo Dal Mi is always confident and optimistic, this scene is the complete opposite.

She keeps her charm even in front of her workmate and her sister Won In Jae, whose life is different from her as she became a chaebol heiress. Seo Dal Mi can not hide her exhaustion as she clings to a pole, exhausted, on the subway train.

Rock bottom confidence

Moreover, Nam So Dan keeps his eyes on the floor. He looks like an awkward loner whose confidence reached rock bottom. During his highschools days, Nam Do San is a math genius who received a lot of attention. He became the youngest winner of a math olympiad.

Since he lost his confidence, he is unable to look at other people in the eye.

Spark of hope in “Start-Up”

However, the producers of the drama shared a hope that is not lost for the two characters. It will be the beginning as Seo Dal Mi inspires Nam Do San to make up his mind. She wanted him to try and return to his glory, where he can shine bright again.

The producers also commented that Nam Do San and Seo Dal Mi are the youth’s best representatives nowadays. The youth who can shine brightly once again in the future or at any time.

They wanted the viewers to look forward to seeing the change that will arise between the two different people once they meet.

Image courtesy of The Swoon/YouTube Screenshot

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