‘Station 19’ season 4 confirmed, spoilers revealed by Krista Vernoff

ABC officially announced the renewal of Station 19 for season 4. Showrunner Krista Vernoff revealed details regarding upcoming storylines.

The Grey’s Anatomy firefighter spinoff Station 19 had an extraordinary run in the entertainment industry. In just a span of two years, the show has already aired three seasons.

Predominantly, it has gathered a huge fan base and has gained millions of viewers, just like its flagship series. Because of Station 19’s huge success, even before the series premiered the final episodes of its third instalment, a fourth season was already confirmed.

ABC confirms renewal of Station 19

Earlier this year, ABC Entertainment confirmed the renewal of Station 19 for its season four. The network shared that they can’t wait to deliver more great stories to their passionate audience. The news is unsurprising for viewers as the spinoff series received its most-watched season during its third run.

Moreover, ABC Entertainment president Karey Burke complimented Station 19’s showrunner. Burke stated,

“Krista Vernoff is a sharp, superb storyteller and we’re so grateful to her, along with the talented cast and crew, for all they’ve done to make Station 19 thrive this season.”

Station 19 halts production due to COVID-19 pandemic

Although the series has already been renewed, there is no certainty about its release date due to the ongoing pandemic. As a matter of fact, Boris Kodjoe, who plays Robert Sullivan revealed that he doesn’t know when they’re going back to work.

Kodjoe further explained,

“It’s about safety. For a lot of these Hollywood studios, liability’s a huge issue so when you have two or 300 people on a stage working on a movie or on a TV show, the risk of infection is huge and plus, you cannot quarantine them 24/7.”

The release date for Station 19 season four may be up in the air. However, it is definite that the writers will cook up a few storylines that will make the hiatus worthwhile.

Showrunner teases upcoming storylines for season 4

Following the huge conclusion of season three, Krista Vernoff unveiled that there are a lot to explore in season four. The showrunner also hinted at what could be coming up in the forthcoming season. Vernoff revealed,

“There is opportunity for Andy and Maya to either reconnect in their friendship or fracture further. There are opportunities for Maya to discover who she’s going to be romantically now that she understands that she had mistaken abuse for love and support.”

Furthermore, the showrunner announced that she is excited to explore Jack as he emerges from loneliness and begins to build a family for himself. She also reveals that some scenes will center on Vic and Dean’s friendship.

Moreover, it will also focus on Dean’s decision to withhold the information that he’s falling in love with her. Station 19 is available for stream on different streaming platforms like Hulu and Netflix.

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