STAYC creates buzz in the K-pop scene

STAYC has finally made its official debut in the K-pop scene, surrounded by the public’s mesmerizing interest!

The new girl group STAYC conducted an online streaming showcase to release its debut single Star To A Young Culture in Gwangjin-gu, Seoul. It took place at the Yes24 Live Hall on November 12.

The rookie group’s feelings for the first appearance in the limelight

STAYC members expressed their emotions as they debuted in the K-pop scene after a long preparation and hard work.

Sumin said that she had been a trainee for about six years and still could not believe about herself debuting. She also added to take her first step together with the members steadily.

On the other hand, Sieun smiled and still could not believe that the group debuted that day since they were preparing for the debut for a long time. She also said to the members for working hard until now.

STAYC is the first six-member girl group showcased by High Up Entertainment, produced by CEO Black Eyed Pilseung.

“Healthy” was their keywords for the public to love and trust the group based on their “Healthy” reputable personalities and mindsets.

The deafening interest of fans for the group

The group drew much attention even before their debut as the group includes Sieun, singer Park Nam Jung’s daughter.

Sieun expressed her gratefulness for the love and attention they gave and that she felt burdened that she wanted to live up to the expectation.

She added about how she worked hard for the fans and staffs’ full support. She hopes that everyone can show as much love and support.

STAYC’s debut inspiration

Black Eye Pilseung and Jeon Gun wrote and composed the song with the title track So Bad. 

It is a song that tells about the beginning of a clumsy love affair from a teenager’s viewpoint who could speak out her mind openly and hide any feelings.

The member of STAYC cited Girls’ Generation as their role model and stated that they want to be a team that sustains a harmonious relationship for a long time.

Although showing perfect performance is good, but they want to impress and give the public their charms individually through their activities.


Image courtesy of STAYC/YouTube Screenshot

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