STAYC ‘So Bad’ production team apologizes following plagiarism issues

After STAYC received flak from plagiarism accusations, the production company who helmed the music video for So Bad has released an apology statement.

On November 12, with its first single album titled Star To A Young Culture, STAYC mesmerized K-netizens as it officially debuted. The girls’ album featured its title track ‘So Bad’ and B-side song Like This.

On that same day, the music video for So Bad was also dropped. However, the girls’ journey being introduced in the limelight was not smooth. They were then accused of plagiarism for their music video.

The distinct similarities

As the fans eagerly watched the video, some netizens found the similarities between scenes of the music videos for STAYC’s So Bad and American singer-songwriter Miley Cyrus’s Midnight Sky.

The netizens claim that the girls’ music video is just like Miley Cyrus. The rookie group’s music video also features plants, balloons, and disco balls with sparkles on the floor.

The eagle-eyed netizens see a comparable vibe in the videos’ overall motif except for the animals in Midnight Sky.

The label’s statement of apology

With the said issue creating waves on the internet, Rigend Film, the production company, issued an official statement.

According to the team, they were the ones in charge of supervising the music video. They also revealed that they are fully responsible for the planning, production, art, and other music video aspects.

They said, “We are ashamed and cannot hide our upset feelings regarding these plagiarism accusations.”

The agency also stated that they don’t intend to rationalize the scenes of So Bad as a homage. After discussing with the director during the planning stage, they decided to use all of the video props.

Furthermore, the label stated that they have personally apologized to High Up Entertainment, the rookie group’s agency, STAYC, and the associated staff members.

Rigend Film added, “We also want to apologize to fans and the public for confirming details regarding the art and visuals during the production stage without an appropriate search. We apologize.”

Meanwhile, as of writing, the music video of STAYC for their debut single SO BAD has already reached 6 million views and is nearing 7 million.


Image courtesy of 1theK (원더케이)/YouTube Screenshot

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