Steam free games deemed as ‘hidden gems’ revealed

Steam free games deemed as 'hidden gems' revealed

As game titles continue to come and go on Steam, here are some of the best finds that are free of charge.

Steam offers thousands of titles for gamers. While convenience in terms of access is apparent, not everyone is a fan of spending hefty amounts on games all the time.

As more new generations of consoles continue to hit the market, games are becoming more expensive, as well. One best way to save costs is to resort to old titles.

However, not many seemingly realize that the platform also offers tons of great free games. Comic Book released a list of some of these titles, especially the ones that gamers deem as “hidden gems.”

There are “tons of underappreciated” free games on Steam

On top of the list is Helltaker. The outlet said that it is a “charming puzzle game” that has become popular since its release. Despite its fame, though, Steam offers it for free in its store.

Another “hidden gem” in the service’s library is Unturned. Smartly Dressed Game, the developer of Roblox, released the said title, which explains the likeness in graphics and features.

It is, however, an open-world zombie survival game that is reportedly similar to 7 Days To Die. The reason being is that it has a lot of “crafting and looting.”

Next on the publication’s list is Double Action: Boogaloo. As noted, it usually falls into the gamers’ “so bad it’s good” category.

It is a “multiplayer FPS” that appears to have taken its inspiration from classic action movies. The game first arrived on Steam in 2014 and has since had a consistent player base.

Other “hidden gems” gamers may like

Games Rant also previously released its own list of “hidden gems” on Steam. One of the titles included is House Flipper, which they described as “phenomenal.”

This is reportedly ideal for players who love smashing things and renovating homes. Also, the overall gameplay includes everything from the “engineering to the clean up.”

Paper Sorcerer made its way to the outlet’s chart, as well. While it is a modern game, it features a “retro approach to the dungeon-crawling RPG genre.”

Another free game that gamers may enjoy is the Game Dev Tycoon. This title is from Greenheart Games that “ingeniously decided to make a game about designing video games.”

Other “hidden gems” that Steam users may check are My Time at Portia, Deceit, Hidden Folks, and The Room. The publication also noted TY The Tasmanian Tiger and The House in Fata Morgana as some of the best free games on the platform.

Images courtesy of undercoverdudes/YouTube

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