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Steam games that are worth getting before the sale ends


As gamers get a chance to splurge their money every Steam sale, there’s still time to do some last-minute shopping until July 9.

Whether you’re a pixel game enthusiast, a tactical FPS gamer, a Sci-Fi fanatic, or a fan of indie games, the Steam sale can give you something worth the bang for your buck.

So here’s a quick list of games worth under US$10 [AU$14] just in case you want to do your last-minute shopping.

1. Rainbow Six: Siege

This Ubisoft title is currently one of the top games being played with over 120,000 active daily players on average as per Steam Charts.

Since its 2015 release updates are being pushed to this title every year, especially with leaks popping out every now and then.

The gameplay is different from Counter-Strike since it focuses more on realism. So players may need to adjust to this game’s environment since bunny hopping doesn’t exist here and using your sights is essential.

You could get this game for only $7.99 for the Standard Edition or you could avail of the Deluxe Edition if you want to skip grinding to unlocking the operators worth $9.89.

2. Terraria

This 2011 game from Re-Logic will make you feel nostalgic from its old-school pixel graphics. This dungeon-crawling sandbox will keep you exploring places and monsters as well as crafting more items depending on what you want.

The included mod loader in the Journey’s End update that Re-Logic released this year also makes this game worth getting since the modding community in Terraria is still very much active.

Every random world generated from this game will always feel different and playing this with your friends by visiting each other’s world makes it more fun. If you’re looking for a budget-friendly alternative for Animal Crossing, this might be the game.

Avail this game for only $4.99 or avail of the 4-pack and gift the extra 3 copies to your friends for only $14.99.

3. Titanfall 2

If you are curious where the weapons of Apex Legends came from, you should definitely get this game. With YouTubers such as Mr. Fruit claiming it to be “The Greatest FPS of the Decade,” Titanfall 2 is definitely worth picking up.

Aside from its immersive single-player campaign, the multiplayer base for this game has suddenly jolted with new players coming in hitting the online count of over 10,000 players daily.

If futuristic shooters and robots are your preference, you can get this underrated sci-fi game title for only $9.89.

4. Stardew Valley

This is a relaxing simulation game where you run your own farm and create your own story and it’s also an all-time favorite.

What makes this title so impressive is that it was created by a solo developer. The game has been through a lot of improvements to a point that it can now support multiplayer. In addition, the game has also been ported to mobile phones as well as the Nintendo Switch.

You can get this farming life simulator for the PC for only $8.99.

Regardless, if you’re a casual or veteran gamer, Steam always has a game out there for you.

Featured image courtesy of Valve/Know Your Meme Entry

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