Steam have started 2022 with a new concurrent user record


Steam has recently announced its new concurrent user record with a whopping 125 million active users over the course of the last month!

Steam has been around for a decade now and has grown from humble beginnings as a platform for distributing Valve-developed games to an all-around entertainment hub, with a vast selection of indie games, mods, and a whole lot more.

They’ve also had to tackle things that no one has ever faced before – they’ve made it possible to play high-end PC games on practically any device – from consoles to mobile phones.

What is the company planning to do next?

It’s easy to brand Steam as a PC gaming platform, but this has proven to be far from the case over the years. Their cross-platform capability has allowed them to branch out into mobile gaming with both free and paid apps, as well as console gaming. In fact, with their new controller-based platform Steam Machines, there may even be a chance for them to move into home console gaming in the near future – especially now that it seems EA is concentrating on Origin.

Steam started with the new concurrent user platform for a whooping record of 27.9M. But in recent years, the figure has soared from a modest 48M to 125M.

This is largely due to the low prices and convenient approach adopted by Steam. Players don’t need to pay for games upfront – they can simply “rent” them while they play. This system sits on top of the traditional pre-order model, which means that when players pre-order a game and pay for it, they get it right away and can start playing immediately.

Also, if players don’t like a game by playing it for a bit, they can always return and refund it in order to not spend any more money on it.

Are players going to get new games in 2022?

With the new plans of 2022, Steam has a lot in store for users. The first thing that they have in store is a way to play high-end games on PCs, laptops, and Macs. Steam Machine has already been out and has been a huge success. There are now 15 models of Steam machines, ranging from $299 to $6,000.

The current highest-end one that can run high-end games is the Alienware Alpha R2 with a GTX 960M graphics card, but the newest one that Valve is releasing is the new Alluring View.

This will be over $200 cheaper than the top model of Alienware Alpha R2 – however, it will only support Half-Life 2 and Counter-Strike: Global Offensive (CS:GO). Despite this, the pricing of the Alluring View is much lower than many high-end gaming PCs.

This is due to the fact that they are planning on doing a crowdsourcing campaign as they did with Steam Machines to make them even cheaper.


Image courtesy of Linus Tech Tips/YouTube

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