Steam, Nintendo Switch are getting a Zelda-like adventure title, with ‘Weaving Tides’

Weaving Tides Official Logo

After a successful Kickstarter campaign, Vienna-based indie developer Follow the Feathers is finally bringing its The Legend of Zelda-inspired game, Weaving Tides, to both the Steam and Nintendo Switch platforms.

The game is set in a massive world of tapestry. Players can venture into the world of Weaving Tides with Tass, the carpet dragon-riding protagonist.

The Canvass World of Weaving Tides

The game’s visuals are somewhat reminiscent of Tokyo RPG Factory’s creations, which features cutesy character animation and colorful backgrounds.

Carpet dragons play an essential role in the game for their unique powers. Typically, by patching up holes present in the game. Essentially the ‘weavers,’ the game is dependent on their powers to fixing its world’s issues and giving access to its wider areas.

As seen on the trailer, there are at least three unique variants of these dragons, each of which bearing unique capability.

Kilim is the light-blue carpet dragon that has the ability to stitch in specific patterns. Which is especially useful in fixing up dotted and widespread holes across the textile map.

Twill, the purple-colored carpet dragon, is capable of fixing massive gaps as a ‘ranged stitcher.’ Basically an Area of Effect stitcher, a task likely impossible to fix by something like Kilim, as per game design.

Lastly, there is Luce, the orange dragon, whose ability to fix a line of tear gives it the impression of a ‘battering ram.’

The video trailer has been brief in showing what each dragon can do in-game. However, if the idea of being Zelda-inspired is to live by, there’s more to these dragons’ abilities than just fixing gaping holes.

An Exciting Adventure Awaits

The idea is indeed shown by featuring the carpet dragon’s ability to solve puzzles and battle enemies indirectly. Part of the video already showed a glance at what players could expect when it comes to puzzle-solving.

Battle, as mentioned, is also another significant aspect of the game, too, which is not as direct as most games it seems. Which is kind of smart as far as figuring out enemy weaknesses and taking advantage when an opportunity presents.

Something indeed reminiscent of Link’s set-piece encounter during his journey across Hyrule.

As an adventure game at heart, the game is also more or less about exploring places. That and coming across stuff that adds quality to the experience. Venturing across the textile world of Weaving Tides, players will also get to acquire ‘mystic embroideries.’ These items give any of the three carpet dragons enhanced ability.

Anybody interested in playing the game as early as now may be able to do with a playable demo. Or what the Weaving Tides team prefers to call as the ‘prologue’ of the game.

The game will see a full official launch later in the year.

Image used courtesy of Follow the Feathers/YouTube

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