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Steam Summer Sale dates are out again


Steam Summer Sale is a time-honored tradition. This year’s dates have come out and scheduled for June 25 to July 9.

This two-week sale is much-awaited for its low, low prices across the entire industry. Valve was never tight when it comes to the Steam Summer Sale date. It’s a de facto internet tradition now, and it’s there to build hype for the fans.

There was always some method to the madness, and at the end, everyone won. The fans will learn of the dates ahead of time, they’ll get their budget ready, and Steam gets sales. The fans get the games they eyed since the holidays while Gabe Newell prints money.

How Steam Sale leaks happen every year

The leaks of the sale come at a specific time every year with a particular pattern. The start date leaks are well ahead of time. The end usually comes out a week or two before the actual sale period.

Many of these juicy details also come from industry insiders too. It’s more like an open-secret nowadays, with Valve letting it happen every year. This year is, without fail, almost the same.

Like how the sun rises from the east, the Steam Summer Sale dates leaked again. Two reliable sources come out with leaks of the sale date. The first source is Pavel Djundik, while the other is Avi Thour.

To the uninitiated, Pavel Djundik is the architect of Steam Database. SteamDB offers insights into what Steam has coming and acts like a site that shows leaks from the game client. Djundik broke info in the past due to his consistent and accurate leaks.

For example, SteamDB had a listing for Yakuza: Like A Dragon harvested from Steam. This listing prompted people to speculate the game is coming to PC. The game now has an official Steam listing.

SteamDB mastermind leaks Steam Sales dates

In a recent tweet, Djundik confirmed the Steam sale dates. He said his information comes from Chinese sources. These dates got a second confirmation from Avi Thour, an Indian content creator.

Around the same time, Djundik also confirmed upcoming new features from Steam. According to his tweet, Steam will likely get loyalty rewards, point systems, and user reactions.

Steam Sale is always a wonderful time for gamers everywhere. Those who have the cash to spare burn it all down for games they will likely not touch for another year or two. This period will also be a time of spending for the patient and the extra frugal.

The Steam Summer Sale is out of its rabbit hole again. Fans everywhere can now hear a collective sigh as they take out their wallets to buy their games.

Featured image courtesy of Valve/Know Your Meme Entry

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