Steam: Top free horror games that are actually good

Steam: Top free horror games that are actually good

Not all free game titles are horrible. Here are some of the top picks for free horror games on Steam.

Steam offers thousands of game titles in its library. One of the genres that make up the entire roster is horror.

Over the years, the number of gamers who play such titles is increasing. It makes sense why the platform continues to spice up this product list.

While many of the games come with price tags, there are several titles that gamers may play for free. Comic Book Resources recently released a list of the top free horror games that many individuals may enjoy.

Steam offers quality free horror games

Ginkgo is one of the horror titles that are free on Steam. The publication said that it is an “East Asian-style horror with lots of atmosphere and unique gameplay.”

Students from the University of California developed the material. While it is a short game to play, it is free and exciting, “but not without its scares.”

Another title that gamers may enjoy for free is The Room Syndrome. It takes place in a single room and it uses both “story and time travel to create psychological horror.”

Although it does not boast stunning graphics, the “well-done pixel art horror” seemingly adds up to the overall theme of the game. Moreover, it offers multiple endings, making it more intriguing.

Other free horror games on Steam that are included in the list are He Needs His Medicine, We Went Back, Deceit, and Ultimate Custom Night.

Steam offers quality free horror games

Some indie horror titles are great, too

Game Rant released a similar list, as well, covering some of the best free horror games on Steam. But, instead of including the “big names” in the roster, the chart focuses on the indie side of the library. As noted, the listed titles are some of their top picks, “curated from experience.”

Unfortunate Spacemen, Doki Doki Literature Club, Spooky’s Jumpscare Mansion, The Supper, and Tiny Bunny place on the lower end of the list. Meanwhile, The Devil Haunts Me, Shrine I/II, Cry of Fear, and My Friend Is A Raven are on the upper side.

As for the number one choice, The Designer’s Curse tops the list for its “good amount of content” and “well-thought-out” story. To the surprise of many, a 15-year-old created the game.

Suggestions from the community

Several communities of gamers also discuss free horror games from time to time. When some individuals ask for suggestions publicly, avid players quickly share their own thoughts and choices.

On Quora, some of the recommended free horror titles on Steam are Dead Frontier 2 and No More Room In Hell.

Images courtesy of SergiuHellDragoonHQ/YouTube

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