Steph Curry misses playing high-level basketball

Steph Curry admits that he misses playing super competitive basketball against the world’s greatest players inside the NBA bubble.

The NBA was on prolonged 100-plus days hiatus before it restarted last July 31. Unfortunately, not all teams made it inside the bubble, leaving eight outside looking in the Orlando facility. While the 22 teams battle it out day in and day out, players not able to join are itching to play the game they love the most.

Steph Curry misses playing basketball

The two-time MVP isn’t shy to admit that he is missing out on the games inside the bubble. Considering their post-season runs the past five years, Curry must have some real nagging thoughts.

Unfortunately, he and his team succumbed to injury as of late. Steph Curry was still able to play a few games before the season ended abruptly. On the other hand, Klay Thompson is still nursing his torn ACL from last year’s Finals series.

Both these players are high-caliber individuals. They love competing at a superstar level and enjoy the successes that they’ve achieved. However, they will have to wait until the COVID-19 pandemic subsides to get their wants. Curry said to Marc Stein of the New York Times,

“Once you see Bron and Kawhi and P.G. go at it, and you remember how much fun it is to play in those types of games and that kind of level, you miss it badly.”

Thompson and Curry will figure to return with Draymond Green next year with a vengeance. Their dynasty is far from over as they enter their prime years. Also, they will get a possible top-five pick. If they decide to go on a win-now mode, they can just trade away the pick for a trusted veteran similar to what the Lakers did with Anthony Davis.

Seth Curry advances while Steph sits

The real-life splash brothers have had their successes in the league. Both Currys are pure shooters, just like their dad. However, Steph is more decorated than Seth based on their tenure in the league. Nevertheless, the script has flipped with Seth inside the bubble while Steph watches at home. Seth Curry said,

“For most of my career, I’m usually the one who’s been home watching Steph late in the season. Now it’s the other way around and I’m still at work. I can tell it’s a little tough on him.”

Seth and the Mavs have a tall task ahead of them in the post-season. They stand to either face the Clippers or the Nuggets in the first round. Nonetheless, they have the firepower to go with them down to the line.

It will be a matter of grit if they can win four games in the series. If they do, Steph may pay the NBA bubble a visit just like what Seth would do for his brother in the past seasons.

Image used courtesy of Marcos Mesa Sam Wordley/Shutterstock

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