Steph Curry proud of what his NBA brothers are doing

Steph Curry proudly said that the players inside the bubble are doing the right thing if they’re upsetting United States President Donald Trump.

The line between politics and entertainment have long been blurred. The former has traveled to the realm of the latter more in the past couple of decades. Fortunately, the results have been quite pleasing. The world is slowly but surely becoming more inclusive, while social justice is still being fought for.

There is no shortage of influential people that fight for this, and the NBA is no exception. Ever since the bubble started, the players, whether white or black, have been kneeling during the national anthem. Unfortunately, U.S. President Donald Trump doesn’t appreciate the gesture.

Steph Curry supports his NBA brothers

The back-to-back MVP failed to bring his team inside the bubble. The Golden State Warriors dynasty crumbled to injury late last season. Unfortunately, it cost them a championship and a chance to three-peat.

The injury plague haunted them towards this season. Curry was sidelined because of a hand injury early. Klay Thompson, on the other hand, was still nursing his ACL injury. As such, the record of the Warriors was dismal, which could earn them a crack at a first pick in the Draft.

Despite not being inside the bubble, Curry believes that his brothers are doing the right thing. He said,

“My barometer is always if the current president is upset about something that somebody’s speaking out on, then you’re probably saying the right thing. Whether they’ve knelt, or sacrificed an interview to talk about Breonna Taylor, or whatever’s important, they’re talking about it and they’re backing it up with action.”

“Curry” brand with UnderArmour

Steph Curry himself has been busy outside the bubble. He took his time off basketball to focus on his family and growing his brand. He reportedly will get his own “Curry” brand with UnderArmour, and it will be similar to the Jordan brand under Nike.

Curry is the face of UnderArmour, and its fame shoots up alongside Steph’s rise to stardom. Consequently, other players have been congratulating Steph on his newfound success. He’s under a contract that inked him with the brand until 2024, which earned him AU$28 million each year.

He also just welcomed Joel Embiid to the UnderArmour brand with the recent release of the Embiid 1. Currently, they are the two biggest stars with the brand. All other big superstars are scattered among Nike, Adidas, and other smaller shoe lines.

Image used courtesy of Natursports/Shutterstock

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