Steve Carell saved ‘The Office’ from going ‘off track’ during Jim-Pam Wedding

Steve Carell saved 'The Office' from going 'off track' during Jim-Pam Wedding

“The Office” had other plans for Jim and Pam’s wedding. But, thanks to Steve Carell, the actor, producer “saved” the show.

Steve Carell just recently released his new workplace-related series, Space Force, on Netflix. He, alongside Greg Daniels, created the show, which premiered early in May.

This is not the first project that Carell and Daniels worked on. As it happened, they previously teamed up for one of the most successful series in the mid-2000s.

Although they seemingly worked hand-in-hand and in support of each other, the two personalities had a few challenges in the past, according to People. As revealed, they had a few disagreements back then, particularly on Jim and Pam’s wedding on the sixth season of The Office.

Jim, Pam’s wedding on The Office

In the first seasons of the series, fans followed the “will they-won’t they” romance of John Krasinski‘s and Jenna Fischer’s characters as Jim and Pam. The consummation of their love story, their iconic Niagara wedding, happened in Season 6.

The two-part episode titled, Niagara, featured Jim and Pam’s wedding. The majority of the fans reportedly deemed it as one of the best moments and episodes of The Office. But, if not for Steve Carell, this would not have happened.

The original plot included a dying horse amid the ceremony

The Office had a “jump the shark” plan for Jim and Pam’s wedding. In an excerpt of the book, The Office: The Untold Story of the Greatest Sitcom of the 2000sCollider reiterated that Greg Daniels, alongside the writers, originally planned to have Pam’s ex, Roy, come to the wedding.

Roy would reportedly arrive in a knight’s costume with a white horse to win back Pam. But, as he realizes that Pam and Jim are truly in love, Dwight’s subplot, which involved a “suicide” at the Niagara falls, comes in to take the horse that Roy brought.

Originally, Dwight would ride the horse until he reportedly reaches the edge of the falls. Without realizing it, he and the horse would jump on to the falls, killing the animal in the process, which would be seen in the background of Jim and Pam’s romantic I-dos. 

Steve Carell ‘not in favor’ of the plan

Just a week before their shooting and taping at the Niagara Falls, the cast and the production reportedly had a table read. Upon learning what the writers had come up, Steve Carell reportedly shared his concerns about throwing a horse over the falls.

As revealed in the book, Carell was not a fan of the plan as it was an “animated joke.” He reportedly said that it is a “cartoon joke” that the public might see on The Simpsons

Although the actor reportedly found it “funny,” he deemed it as truly “jumping the shark.” In the end, he told them that he “loves” the episode and the writers. “I’m not in favor of this,” Steve Carell said.


Featured image courtesy of Comedy Bites/YouTube

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