Steve Harvey defends Ellen DeGeneres, says ‘Ellen Show’ host has no ‘racist tendency’

Steve Harvey recently came to Ellen DeGeneres’ defense amid ongoing criticisms that she’s mean and a bully.

While speaking with People, Steve Harvey said that he’d known DeGeneres for years. And she’s one of the kindest and coolest people that he’s ever met.

“I’m going to say this about it: Ellen DeGeneres, the person that I know, that I’ve known for a number of years, that I saw back in the comedy club days when we used to split time with the same management, all of this and what’s happening now, Ellen, the person, is probably one of the coolest and kindest people I’ve met in this business,” he gushed.

Steve Harvey supports Ellen DeGeneres

Harvey also shared his thoughts on the claims that there’s a toxic work environment on Ellen Show. Even though there were no complaints directed at DeGeneres, she still, reportedly, took the hit because it’s her name on the show’s title.

“[Ellen] has no control over what every staff member does, what every producer does, you can’t control that. You don’t even know some of the stuff that’s happening. It’s her name that’s on the show. She’s got to take the hit. Something happens over here, I got to take the hit,” he explained.

Ellen DeGeneres has no racist tendency

Ellen DeGeneres has no racist tendency

Harvey also denied the allegations that DeGeneres is racist. He said that based on his conversations with the Ellen Show host, he’s never felt that DeGeneres has racist tendencies.

“I’m a 63-year-old black man. I’ve been black the entire time. I ain’t took no days off. I haven’t experimented with nothing else. And I ain’t got nothing else going. I’ve been a black dude my whole life. I know racism. If I have a conversation with you, I know if you got racist tendencies somewhere in you, because it radiates. I can feel it. I’ve been around for a long time, man. That’s not Ellen DeGeneres. That’s just not her, period,” he said.

Steve Harvey also stressed the fact that he knows DeGeneres personally. As such, he wouldn’t have missed it if the comedian has a racist tendency.

Steve Harvey texted Ellen amid the controversies

The Little Big Shots host also revealed that he and DeGeneres text each other. And he encouraged Portia de Rossi’s wife to keep her head high amid the criticisms.

“But my first advice was Ellen got enough money to walk away. But, we’re in the cancel culture right now, man, everybody wants to see everybody fall down, man. What happened, man?” he said.

In July, former Ellen Show employees told BuzzFeed News that the producers of the talk show were racists and bullies. They also accused some of them of harassment. Shortly after they came forward, three executive producers were fired from Ellen Show.

DeGeneres will return to Ellen Show this month. And Steve Harvey is confident that she make a positive comeback.

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