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Steve Harvey, Marjorie divorcing due to host’s ‘wandering eye’: rumor


Steve Harvey and his wife, Marjorie, are rumored to be divorcing due to the former’s “wandering eye.”

Steve Harvey and Marjorie Harvey will be celebrating their 13th wedding anniversary this month. However, there are speculations that their marriage is on the rocks because the host is allegedly a “horndog” and his wife is already fed up with him.

Steve Harvey and Marjorie divorce rumors

National Enquirer alleged that Marjorie Harvey was already fed up with her husband, Steve Harvey. The report also dubbed the Family Feud host a “horndog.”

Moreover, the couple’s marriage had reportedly been strained due to the cheating rumors involving the host. Furthermore, things allegedly got worse after his two shows were canceled.

“It’s no secret Steve has a wandering eye, and rumors keep trickling back to Marjorie. Word is, she’s threatening divorce,” an unnamed source claimed.

Marjorie ditched her wedding ring

The tabloid also claimed that Steve Harvey’s wife ditched her wedding band. Marjorie shared photos of her during a trip to the California Desert National Conservation sans her wedding ring.

“Steve cheated on both of his previous wives. Marjorie needed to get away and clear her head,” the source added about the significance of the trip.

Divorce rumors debunked

Gossip Cop debunked the divorce rumors involving Steve Harvey and Marjorie. According to the rumor debunking site, Marjorie could have “threatened” to divorce her husband at any point in the past months.

It has been nearly eight months since the tabloid published the report and the couple is still very much together. In fact, both are active on social media and have been featuring one another on their posts.

The couple praised each other on social media

Steve Harvey and Marjorie are very active on social media. Based on their posts, they do not have any marital issues.

On March 8, Steve even shared an adorable photo of his wife and expressed his love for her on Instagram.

“Today I honor the most special group on planet earth, WOMEN … the one group who is responsible for every single human life ever made in the world,” he wrote.

“Past present and future …. I honor and thank you. For your amazing accomplishments.”

In April, Marjorie also shared a video of Steve Harvey slicing a pizza. Marjorie baked the pizza because her husband requested for it. Since she had not eaten meat for a long time, he was giving her a slice.

“Why did he request this today? I haven’t had meat in forever… know that I had to have a slice. I make delicious pizza,” Marjorie wrote in the caption.

Apparently, the couple is together and they are doing fine. Thus, one should not believe the claims that they are divorcing.

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