Stimulus check for December available in these states

Stimulus check for December available in these states

The push for a fourth stimulus check continues across the United States.

The United States has already distributed millions of relief payments to its citizens amid the COVID-19 pandemic. But, even after three rounds of a stimulus check, the public is still seeking another batch.

Since the last disbursement, many Americans have pushed for a fourth COVID-19 relief check. However, the federal government has yet to answer the call.

This has since led many states to create their own stimulus payments. State officials released checks throughout 2021, with many still wondering whether there will be more to come before the year ends.

AS recently released a report, detailing which states will keep offering financial aid in the last month of the year.

States with stimulus payments for December

California is one of the states that have provided financial help to its residents in the last few months. It is currently distributing a stimulus check, with an amount of up to $1,100, under the Golden State Stimulus II.

The sending of the payments will continue until at least December. But, as to whether there will be a new form of check afterward, no announcements have been made yet.

Maine is another state that is sending financial aid to its citizens. It previously announced that a surprise Disaster Relief Payment would arrive in November, and will run through December.

Meanwhile, other states have already concluded the distribution of stimulus payments to a select few groups of individuals. Most of these checks were bonuses and hazard pays.

States with stimulus payments for December

Another COVID-19 relief payment in 2022

In 2022, some Americans will receive another stimulus check from the federal government. It will be an additional AU$1,929 payment to the eligible individuals, apart from the three previous COVID-19 relief checks.

The qualified recipients will only involve those who had a child in 2021.

Apart from this, the parent should file a tax return in 2022 for the previous tax year. Moreover, the annual income should not surpass AU$103,385 for single filers or AU$206,771 for couples.

Fourth stimulus check status

Individuals and groups across the United States continue to urge the government for a fourth COVID-19 relief payment. While officials have yet to comment on the matter, analysts believe that it is already unlikely.

Even so, the federal government offers other forms of a stimulus check, like a direct payment aid. These include the Child Tax Credit, Child and Dependent Care Credit, and the one-time “surprise” payment for meatpacking, farm workers.

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