Stimulus Check: IRS sends another batch of relief payments

Stimulus Check: IRS sends another batch of relief payments

The Internal Revenue Service has now distributed over 169 million stimulus check payments.

The disbursement of the third stimulus check continues these past few weeks. On Wednesday, the Internal Revenue Service confirmed that they released another batch of COVID-19 relief payments.

The latest round of payments remains as part of the American Rescue Plan. Every check amounts to $1,400, alongside the “plus-up” adjustments.

CBS News said that the number of checks that are now in distribution is about 2.3 million. This then brings the total number to over 169 million.

The continuation of the third stimulus check roll-out

The publication continued that out of the 2.3 million stimulus check payments, 900,000 are for those who recently filed a tax return. These also include those individuals that do not have information within the tax agency.

As for the 1.1 million payments, they are for the “plus-up” adjustments. The recipients of such checks are the ones who qualified for bigger amounts in accordance with their 2020 tax returns.

The 2.3 million checks totaled over AU$5.45 billion. Accordingly, this brings the overall amount of the issued COVID-19 relief payments to more than AU$512 billion.

About delays, and tracking payments

Despite the continuous distribution of the stimulus check payments, many people are still waiting for theirs. As explained, the Internal Revenue Service prioritized those who have already filed their 2019 or 2020 tax returns.

Hence, verifying the details and other information has become much faster. This has allowed the agency to disburse the payments as soon as possible.

Apart from this, though, there are other possible reasons why some Americans have yet to receive their third stimulus check. CNET released a list of the potential bases of delay.

These include errors in calculation of the check amounts, courier and distribution complications, or the agency deposited the check into a closed or temporary account. There is also a possibility that private debt collectors have already garnished the payment.

Whatever the case, though, you may either file for an official trace to the IRS or continue tracking your stimulus payment. The agency does not reportedly recommend individuals calling them for such issues. As stated, there are necessary steps that should be taken when problems involving relief payments arise.

When tracking for stimulus check payments, individuals may check the agency’s official website. It offers a tracking tool, “Get My Payment,” in the platform.

Fourth COVID-19 relief payment updates

As the third COVID-19 relief payments continue to arrive, talks about the fourth and fifth sets are already in motion. This is why many are wondering whether it will take place in the next few weeks or months.

Despite the clamor and support, though, the fourth stimulus check payments remain unconfirmed. Nevertheless, reports said that more updates will likely arrive in the next few days.

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