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Strange new ‘Pokemon Go’ balloons pop up on the map


Strange balloons appear on Pokemon Go, making players visibly confused about what they might signify. And no, it’s not Team Rocket.

If you have ever noticed some of the strange balloons that keep popping up on the Pokemon Go maps and wondered if they belong to Team Rocket or not, the answer is better than you think. These Pokemon Go balloons will help you and let you score some of the free items from the game.

It is more like a sponsored content

Pokemon Go has never been a stranger to sponsored content. If players can remember the earliest days of the game, the game had sponsored Poke Stops, which happened most preferably at huge franchises such as Starbucks and even McDonald’s.

Now, a new level of sponsorship is making its way into the game, a successful one at that, taking the players’ utmost interest.

A tweet from a Twitter user named LeeDuck showed that there are a lot of random Pokemon Go balloons appearing on the map. Balloons in the game have previously meant an appearance for Team Rocket, but these new objects appearing on the map are quite different from the previous one.

Sponsored gifts for Grubhub have also started appearing at various PokeStops.

Rather than the battles, players can anticipate something insidious as the Pokemon Go balloons keep on appearing on the map. And they are advertisements! Tada!

What happens when you tap on the balloons?

When you tap on the Pokemon Go balloons, then a short ad will play, and you can earn some generous items for the trouble. Trainers have informed that they are reportedly getting about 200-400 quantities of stardust as they are tapping their way through the Pokemon Go balloons appearing in the game.

There are a lot of other things that we don’t know about the balloons yet. It appears that the Pokemon Go balloons maybe have launched only in the United States as the feature is not available in the UK.

Not all the players have encountered the Pokemon Go balloons during their gameplay as reported on Twitter. Nor the Canadian players are aware of the new sponsorship and paid advertisement of the game.

As of now, the players are visibly confused. The developers have not disclosed anything regarding that whether these Pokemon Go balloons will interfere with the spawns of the Team Rocket Balloons or not, as we are yet to see.

Image courtesy of Pokemon Trainer Rae/YouTube Screenshot

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