‘Stranger Things 4’ latest teaser helps in peeking into Eleven’s dark past

Recently, Netflix has released the trailer of the upcoming season of Stranger Things 4.

It’s been a long time since Netflix has announced anything about the fourth season of Stranger Things 4.

But recently, Netflix has released the teaser of the new adventures which will unfold around the Hawkins gang.

This streamer’s highly acclaimed show has always been in talk past few years. The show has seen such appreciation because of its exciting plot and unforeseen adventures.

Talking about the trailer, it swifts back to Dr. Martin Brenner addressing the children. The facility at which he is addressing is the same where Eleven originated.

What can one expect in season 4 after looking at the ‘Stranger Things 4’ teaser?

Looking at the trailer, one can quickly figure out that the plot will revolve around Eleven’s origin. Along with this, it will also show some more supernatural children.

Undoubtedly, it will somehow have a bit of season 2’s plot. The trailer is quite exciting and is creating a sense of curiosity.

This trailer can be considered as a second trailer for the fourth season. Previously, introduced a teaser last year in February 2020.

Since then, there has always been talking of this season. Now that teaser gave everyone a hint about something following up the season 3 plot. Chief Jim Hopper, who is presumably dead according to season 3, was supposed to be the centerline of the season 4 plot.

David Harbour is playing the role of Chief Jim Hooper. Moreover, looking at the captions of both the videos (001/004 and 002/004, respectively), one should expect two more teasers on the way at some point.

The bottom line of the content

Stranger Things has always been in the news because of the splendid performance by the whole cast and crew. The plot and cinematography of the show are applaudable. There is a long span between both the teasers.

As the pandemic hit last year in February, Netflix got only two weeks to prepare for the teaser. However, everything came back in place in September last year. Netflix worked on the series, and now they have released the trailer.

Many shows and series are still lined up because of the pandemic.

Netflix hasn’t announced any official date for the release of the series. Moreover, looking at the marketing campaign, one can expect it to get released soon. One can watch the teaser of the show on the official ” Stranger Things ” YouTube channel.


Image courtesy of Netflix Brasil/YouTube

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