Streaming sessions gain momentum in gaming communities

Watching other people play video games can benefit the viewers in a lot of ways. Here are the two main reasons why people love streaming sessions.

In 2014, Amazon had a $1 billion (1.5 trillion AUD) deal with Twitch – a famous video game streaming site. Today, the streaming site has become so popular that they don’t really care about how to improve the website.

Their main concern, at least for now, is how they can get enough servers to cater the number of streams its users need. Over 50 million people use Twitch every month and with the current pandemic, the streaming site is preparing for more viewers and streamers to come to their site. However, what do people get in flocking into streaming sites and pages?

Get better at games

Playing video games can be stressful and can build frustration and anger on a player. Besides, who can’t get mad after dying for the 20th time in front of an ugly mutated monster?

Most of the time, the answer to this kinds of situations is to just lay back down and search for videos of somebody who is skilled enough to defeat the monster. One place to do so is by visiting Youtube’s gaming tab and hope to learn some tips in progressing the game.

Watch a good streamer

One thing that attracts viewers to watch a streamer is their ability to entertain. Basically, viewers get more interested with talented streamers who play a game while commenting about it.

The most popular streaming host is Felix Kjellberg, more commonly known as PewDiePie. He now makes millions of dollars just by streaming games on his Youtube channel. Watching a good streamer is like watching a great night show.

It is a great feeling seeing guests come and go on the show. However, what keeps viewers come back is their admiration of the host.

Advices on which game to buy and play

One of the main reasons why people watch streamers is to know what game to buy next. Choosing a good game can become extremely difficult as thousands of games are available in the market.

Buying video games doesn’t come cheap. Most of the new games today costs $60 (91AUD) which is why most gamers are pretty selective on which game they would put their money on. Watching trailers online and reading video games reviews can help but the best way to check a game is by watching it played in action even if it’s just for a few minutes.

Featured image courtesy of Lucie Liz/Pexels

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