Strike launches Twitter Tips to Android

Strike has announced that its new Twitter Tips function is now available on Android, however, it has yet to provide further details on what regions the new feature will be launched on. 

Strike’s API integration with Twitter has given Twitter a direct payment alternative that is free of fiat limitations. 

On Android, hit “Edit Profile,” then “Tips,” then “Allow Tips,” and the user will be offered with a variety of payment methods, including CashApp, Venmo, Bandcamp, and Strike. Finally, input a “CashTag,” which will be a tag that tippers will use to send money.

Although plans are in the works to deploy the Strike app across Europe and the United Kingdom, as well as a total of 200 countries, in cooperation with Bittrex Global, the promise of a global rollout has yet to be achieved.

What is it about Strike that makes it so appealing?

The Lightning Network is a second layer of the bitcoin blockchain that offers distinct micropayment channels between different parties to establish a network of lightning nodes, which is why the Strike API (which is utilized by the Twitter Tips feature) is successful. 

Lightning is a technology that overcomes the issues of transaction speed and cost. Strike’s capacity to facilitate free cross-border remittance is one of the company’s key claims to fame.

According to Strike’s founder and chief executive, Jack Mallers, “dematerializing” all existing monetary activities into a single monetary standard is not easy, hence he is wary of making broad claims. 

Awaiting global iOS release

The debut of Strike on Android is significant since it now allows for cross-border remittances via Twitter for Android, albeit for a small number of countries.

This Android release follows earlier this year’s announcements that the Strike tipping option would be offered to iOS users. 

Twitter Tips can be received by a select number of creators and artists in El Salvador and the United States (excluding Hawaii and New York) who use Twitter for iOS, and they can be sent by any iOS user.


Image courtesy of Cointelegraph News/YouTube

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