Striker class comes to ‘Black Desert Mobile,’ granting everyone’s expectations  

'Black Desert Mobile' Striker Class

Making a debut to both the iOS and Android, Black Desert Mobile introduces the Striker, a martial-arts-based class popular for making strings of melee combos against enemies.

Black Desert Mobile is the smartphone version of the popular MMORPG, Black Desert Online. The game saw initial release in Asia on early 2019, followed by a worldwide launch in December 2019.

A Highly-anticipated Class

The news about the Striker class coming to the game is known since January 2020. The information comes from the game’s laid out roadmap announcement for the first-half of 2020.

As of writing, there are still two classes that are yet to make their way into the mobile version—Lahn and Guardian.

To coincide with the addition of the Striker class, Black Desert Mobile is also launching a limited-time level-up campaign. One, if participated, comes with its own set of rewards.

For instance, players who would join the event can earn the following items—Boss Stamp, Tier 2 Pet Chest, Shiny Accessory Chest, Elgriffin’s Defense Gear Chest, and Ancient Tablet Chest.

Aside from the handsome rewards, the event also encourages play by giving players 300% Hot Item for free. If used, this item gives players a temporary combat EXP and Item Drop Rate Up boost.

Another notable changes that will roll out with the update includes additional items in the Pearl Shop. Most notably, the presence of equipment designed specifically for the Striker class.

For example, the Striker All-Inclusive Chest, Striker Level Up, and Gold Coin Level Up Package III can be found in the shop. But with the unique trait of being available only for single purchase per class. Additionally, there are also the New Striker weapon and armor outfits.

However, there are also fancy items meant for the other classes, too. Such as the Treant Camouflage weapon and armor outfits.

More or Less Exciting Events

Once a feature introduced in the game but was removed, the Field of Valor is making a comeback as well. A cooperative mode that gives players of five a chance to pit against hordes of monsters and share rewards.

While not as exciting as the aforementioned events, Black Desert Mobile is getting a puzzle event as well. This, too, comes with its own rewards. But the said event is exclusively accessible to players who are at base level 30 and black spirit level 20.

Image used courtesy of YouTube/Black Desert MOBILE

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