‘Id Software’ bares struggle with ‘DOOM Eternal’ composer


DOOM Eternal has the best musical scores and OST in the biz. However, DOOM developer Id Software notes its problematic relationship with its composer.

Many players noticed some problems with the audio of DOOM Eternal. Much of the music is under heavy compression, creating terrible audio at times. Its composer, Mick Gordon, distanced himself from the issue.

Gordon noted in a tweet that he did not do the mixing and pointed to several tracks he made. This led the community to direct blame towards the company’s Lead Audio Designer.

At this point, Id executive producer Marty Stratton crafted a long-winding open letter and posted it on Reddit. The troubles are so big that the head honcho says they won’t work with him for the DLC.

Detailing the struggles with DOOM composer

According to Stratton’s letter, the company contracted Mick Gordon for the OST. He was under contract to deliver a minimum of 12 tracks, with bonus payments for on-time delivery. The agreement also vested full creative control to Gordon over the delivery.

The agreement, done in January, moved forward. By February 24, Mick Gordon communicated that it would take him longer than expected. The multi-awarded game composer asked for a 4-week extension, offering up to 30 tracks and two-hour run time.

The company provided Gordon six weeks to finish. By early April, the company had concerns about the timeliness of the delivery. These concerns pushed them to ask Lead Audio Designer Chad Mossholder to create backups.

This part is where the problems started with the OST and audio for DOOM Eternal.

“After listening to the nine tracks he’d delivered, I wrote him that I didn’t think those tracks would meet the expectations of DOOM or Mick fans – there was only one track with the type of heavy-combat music people would expect, and most of the others were ambient in nature.”

To rectify, Gordon suggested using Mossholder’s tracks to “flesh it out further”.

‘Id Software’ will move forward without Mick Gordon

On April 19, Id Software released the OST to owners of the Collectors’ Edition. As expected, fans noticed the issues with the waveforms, without knowing of Gordon’s suggestion. The purported distancing did not sit well with Stratton.

According to the letter, Gordon noted his dissatisfaction with the edits. Stratton, however, reminded that everything had the composer’s approval. Mossholder also gets contributing artist credit on tracks he edited.

Because of the debacle, Eternal’s DLC will not have Gordon’s music moving forward. Apart from DOOM (2016) and DOOM Eternal, Mick Gordon was also the genius behind the modern Wolfenstein tracks.

Feature image courtesy of Bethesda Softworks/Youtube Screenshot

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