Student Coin ICO hits $50 million in 70 days: What is behind the hype?


One of the crypto platforms that is receiving attention from investors is Student Coin. The Academic token recently raised over $50 million in its recently completed ICO.

Student Coin ICO has recently been completed. The ICO was initially meant to end on April 30. However, the surge for the token meant that the entire 150 phases ended a week ahead of the deadline.

There has also been a major rush as investors look to accumulate their native token STC before the ICO sale ends.

We examine Student Coin’s features and why it has generated so much hype in recent weeks.

An Academic Blockchain project

As the name suggests, Student Coin is a blockchain project that enables the tokenization of assets. Student Coin began in 2018 when a student club from the Kozminski University decided to create a token to incentivize members.

The token was distributed within the university. Following its success among students, the project began to spread to other schools leading to its rebranding as Student Coin in 2020.

Student Coin is popular within academic institutions globally, boasting over 8,000 members in 400 institutions. The membership spreads across elite academic institutions like Havard University and Oxford University.

Tokenization: Create and List Personal tokens

One of the difficulties facing students and startups is the problems of raising finances for different activities. Student Coin allows anyone with basic blockchain knowledge the opportunity to create different types of tokens.

The blockchain platform is working on a platform called the STC terminal. The terminal will support the creation, launch, and management of tokens within the Student Coin ecosystem enabling users to launch different forms of tokens.

Student Coin is building the STC terminal that allows students, corporations, and organizations to launch and manage tokens. The STC terminal will support the creation of various tokens, including personal tokens, DeFi tokens, and NFT tokens.

One of the STC terminal’s unique features is the user-friendly dashboard that provides tools to create tokens without the complicated traditional approach. All tokens built on the STC terminal are referenced to the STC token and derive their value from the central token.

Student Coin has an exchange called STC exchange, which functions similarly to regular crypto exchanges. The exchange is where all tokens built from the STC terminal are traded.

Traders can also view relevant information about tokens under development and those listed already. Apart from STC-based tokens, the exchange will also list other coins and support popular tokens like bitcoin and ethereum.

The tokens listed are stored on the inbuilt multichain wallet. The wallet is equipped with a dashboard that offers insights on supported tokens. Student Coin encompasses features that are interwoven to ensure full access to blockchain and crypto products.

Student Coin simplifying tokenization

Student Coin has a proven track record with the project already establishing a strong community presence on several social media platforms.

Student Coin is led by founder and CEO Wojciech Podobas. Podobas is a renowned financial analyst and author of two books. The team also has a team of advisers, including reputable academics and entrepreneurs giving further credence to the project.

The STC token powers all these features offered by Student Coin. The ERC-20 token is the reference token and is used to pay for activities on the platform, just like Ether on the Ethereum network. Its unique functions make STC token an ideal financial asset for investors looking for a long-term investment to put their money.

STC token completed its ICO phase in April where investors were able to get the tokens at a cheap price. STC is available on exchanges, including uniswap, cointiger, and To learn more about Student Coin, visit the website

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