Study: Watching a movie in theaters is ‘high risk’ activity amid COVID-19

Study: Watching a movie in theaters is 'high risk' activity amid COVID-19

Results of a recent study suggest that going back to the cinemas to watch a flick would be a “high risk” move in light of the still ongoing COVID-19 pandemic.

This study was conducted by the Texas Medical Association, who went on to provide an infographic chart that lists all sorts of outdoor activities, including going to movie theaters, with their corresponding risk levels to COVID-19.

As for the risk levels, they were designated as “low risk,” “moderate-low risk,” “moderate risk,” “moderate-high”, and “high risk.”

How the study was conducted

What the Texas Medical Association did with the study was to have physicians and healthcare experts from its very own COVID-19 Task Force as well as its Committee on Infectious Diseases rank activities according to the risk levels they pose amid the coronavirus crisis.

The study also noted that in ranking the risk levels, the participants of each activity ranked are assumed to be adhering to the recommended health and safety protocols.

As indicated in the study results infographic chart, the following activities pose the highest risk to COVID-19:

  • Going to a bar
  • Attending a religious service with 500+ worshipping
  • Going to a sports stadium
  • Attending a large music concert
  • Going to a movie theater
  • Going to an amusement park
  • Working out at a gym
  • Eating at a buffet

For the “moderate-high” category, the study mentioned activities such as visiting a barbershop or salon, dining in a restaurant, going to a wedding, and hugging another person.

Activities that are deemed “moderate risk” include visiting the beach, going to the mall, eating dinner at somebody else’s home, and going to a barbecue party.

In the “low-moderate” category, the activities listed include buying groceries at the supermarket, going out for a walk, checking in inside a hotel for at least a couple of nights, and staying for at least an hour at an outdoor playground.

The activities considered to pose the lowest risk include opening the mail, buying takeout from restaurants, refueling at gas stations, playing tennis, and camping outdoors.

Study: Watching a movie in theaters is 'high risk' activity amid COVID-19

Bad news for movie fans

One can always enjoy films at home or through one’s mobile device, but the purest of the cinema purists will always want to experience watching movies on the big screen inside a dark theater.

It goes without saying that these cinephiles will not be happy with the results of the study conducted by the Texas Medical Association.

Still, it’s not like there are no other options. As a matter of fact, Walmart has recently announced that it will be transforming its parking lots into drive-in theaters, which means that moviegoers can still go out and watch movies as long as they remain inside their vehicles.

Images courtesy of Lloyd Dirks/Unsplash and Felix Mooneeram/Unsplash

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