Subnautica: Below Zero shows how loading on storytelling is not important

Storytelling is not much of an important factor when it is loaded.

Storytelling is a prime factor of a video game. But when it is overloaded, the entire video game can go to waste.

If diving beneath the surface in the original Subnautica was a precarious leap into the faith of the unknown, where players have to navigate their ways past the standalone expansion of the Subnautica: Below Zero.

For some of the players who have played this game, it might look like a long stretch from work, returning home after a long trip or so.

One thing for sure, for a long year, video games have based their gameplay on the overhaul of the background stories that paves the path for the main protagonist.

How is the gameplay?

Having to spent a dozen hours amongst the marine life in Planet 4546B, in the Unknown’s World 2018 survival hit, there is a long charm and peril and a proper appeal to players that Subnautica comes off as a colder appeal from the planet’s oceanic surface.

Players have to spend hours diving into the deep sea and figuring out what the darkness holds and lies for them.

While players spend time on this game diving and finding out the mysteries, the resonance never lingers beyond the moment that they put down the controller and wait for the other session beneath the sea.

Subnautica seems to misunderstand the basics that might go to a survival game. and what it’s made its predecessor so impressive in that genre. There is another thing that Subnautica teaches all video game enthusiasts is that the idea of an overhauling of the gameplay story or what is famously called the background story is a ruse.

How have video games stretched background stories?

A lot of players focus on the idea of what is happening in the present in the game. Idealizing and conceptualizing as whatever happened in the video game is not an important scope for most players.

There are a lot of questions that players can find themselves asking once they start the game. To answer those questions, they are slowly drip-fed throughout their own discoveries and whatever lies beneath the surface.

The larger narrative is backgrounder against the more and immediate, compelling watercooler moments that are rightly drawn from players exploring the world of Subnautica. It is an unknown world for the players to dive deep and look closely for all the hints that are laid around for them.


Image courtesy of IGN/YouTube

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