‘Succubus’ launches demo with an edgy hellscape

'Succubus' launches demo with an edgy hellscape

Madmind’s Succubus now has a demo out, and it’s not for the faint of heart. The entirely R-rated, over the top game is interesting, to say the least.

Succubus is a spin-off for Agony, a hellscape game coming from Madmind Studio in 2018. While Agony focused on having players stealth, the new game focuses on action. It wants players to bathe in the blood of the damned, and it fairly succeeds.

Succubus: Prologue is a crazy edgy world

Along with the obvious R-18 trailer, Madmind Studio also has a demo up in Steam. The demo called Succubus: Prologue shows off a few good things about the game. It also shows off a lot of bad things that Madmind is doing with the game right now.

What sticks out about Succubus: Prologue so far is the visuals. The visual design looks awesome, edgy, and “in your face.” Madmind mastered how to create a very compelling underworld with its new hellscape.

Everything around the game is edgelord levels of blood, gore, and exposed genitals. Players take on the role of Vydija, the demonic princess of lust. The primary goal is to dominate hell and take it as their own.

The gameplay is very DOOM-like, with shades of Dark Messiah of Might and Magic. Everyone in the game is out to get the player and kill them. It’s up to the player to do whatever they want and conquer everybody else.

While the visuals of the game are stellar, everything stops there for now. If the demo is an indicator of things to come, it does not bode well.

Madmind needs to optimize its upcoming game

Succubus has stellar graphics and nothing else. The gameplay is shallow, clunky and needs a lot of work. The animations are buggy, and the environment is a mess of unoptimized designs.


The game would look more awesome if it goes away from shades of brown and red all the time. The combat can also be repetitive, especially with only two levels in the demo.

Succubus: Prologue doesn’t give the game a lot of justice. It works more as marketing material—a sort of pre-alpha that hypes the IP. While no title should receive judgment due to its demo, what players see is not a good sign.

Apart from kicking fetuses and smashing martyrs, Madmind has a lot of work ahead. The demo is empty, boring, and has terrible dialogue.

Succubus is quite an interesting concept, coming from an equally edgelord title. The demo shows that the game still needs a lot of optimizations in the months to come. Succubus: Prologue is available on Steam as a demo for free right now.

Images [1] & [2] courtesy of Succubus/Steam

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