Sucker Punch IP easter eggs in ‘Ghost of Tsushima’ you might have missed

Ghost of Tsushima Sly Cooper costume in display

Sucker Punch Productions is a company who found success despite having only few IPs, Sly Cooper and InFamous being the two. Both of which also exclusive titles to the Sony game console, beginning with the PS2 up to the PS4.

To give tribute to the two of its most booming franchises, Sucker Punch Productions has laid out Easter Eggs throughout Ghost of Tsushima. All of the references, so far, are in the form of equipment, which you may have not yet seen.

Nevertheless, here are some Easter Eggs involving Sucker Punch’s beloved IPs as see in its latest title.

Band of the Second Son

Fans of the company would ring a bell when hearing the label “Second Son,” which is one of the entries in the InFamous series. A simple maroon headband, this equipment is most reminiscent of the game’s protagonist, Deslin, who dons a maroon wool cap.

Other reference to the InFamous hero with the headband involves the item’s description suggesting as “warrior from a distant time and space.”

Players can get the Band of the Second Son by climbing the peak of a pagoda in Omi Monastery in Act 2.

Sly Tanuki Sword Kit

Sly Cooper is the anthropomorphic raccoon and legendary thief that plays protagonist the series of the same name. As a character, Cooper is mostly notable for the colors blue and yellow on his costume.

The Sly Tanuki Sword Kit is a special reference to Sly Cooper and that it bears cryptic references to the figure. Tanuki is the Japanese name for a “raccoon dog.” In addition, the equipment also has a conspicuous fur on it to signify the peculiar animal.

To get the Sly Tanuki Sword Kit, the player must first reach Act 3 and head straight at the Pillar of Honor.

Crooked Kama Headband

Another reference to Sly Cooper is the Vanity gear, “Crooked Kama Headband.”

Like the raccoon character’s popular color scheme on his costume, this headgear features the same color. Aside from coloration, the head equipment also plays heavy emphasis on the art in print, showing the hook-shaped kama.

To get this piece of headgear, the player must reach Act 3. From here, go to the Jogaku Temple and climb the highest peak of one of its pagodas.

Cooper Clan Cosplay Trophy

Wearing both the Sly Tanuki Sword Kit and the Crooked Kama Headband may pay tribute to Sly Cooper. But the pair is not necessarily complete which is otherwise a requirement to getting the elusive Cooper Clan Cosplay trophy.

To complete the set, the player must also find and wear the Ocean Guardian-dyed Gosaku’s armor.

Image used courtesy of PowerPyx/YouTube Screenshot

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