Sucker Punch listing hints at potential ‘Ghost of Tsushima’ sequel

Ghost of Tsushima is arguably one of the best games to release this year and Sucker Punch did an amazing job. Moving forward, it seems like the developers are already planning their path for a potential sequel.

Sucker Punch has done a great job in supporting Ghost of TsushimaThe recently released Legends multiplayer component has given players more reasons to dive into the game again. Moving forward, it seems like the Japanese samurai epics aren’t done yet.

Job listing hints at sequel

As per recent reports, Sucker Punch productions has opened up a new position at their company. They are looking for a narrative writer who has “knowledge about Japanese feudal period.” It’s almost obvious that this is something that could serve as a sequel to the hit PlayStation 4 game.

As Jin’s journey has been put to an end canonically, it’s likely that the new game will be told from a new hero’s perspective. While it might not be a direct sequel, it could take some form of inspiration from Jin Sakai’s journey. That being said, fans are excited that the game will take place during the Japanese feudal era.

What fans want from the sequel

Ghost of Tsushima set some new standards not only for action games – but for samurai games in general. For the sequel, fans will certainly want for the developers to further improve upon the combat mechanics found in the original game. Improving this could be the main focus of the sequel.

Fans might also want deeper RPG elements in the sequel. Although Sucker Punch wanted to avoid giving players numbers to worry about, adding more RPG elements adds depth to the game as well. Subtle changes such as stats could help players feel more accomplished for doing certain tasks.

One of the best parts of the original game was the story-rich side quests. Fans of course, want these to return. However, it would be a lot better if there are consequences to the player’s choices in the game. This would certainly help in making each action feel more heavy. While choices are available in the original game, questlines mostly follow a direct path.

Ghost of Tsushima is an amazing game, and it’s multiplayer content are amazing, to say the least. Sucker Punch should use the game’s momentum to create an entirely new franchise exclusive to the PlayStation 4. Hopefully, the sequel comes a lot sooner than expected.

Image used courtesy of PlayStation/YouTube

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