Suga talks about BTS’s discography in Weverse, claims he isn’t special


Suga discussed BTS’ discography, the K-pop industry’s flaws, and why he wants to create music in a recent interview.

Weverse magazine has previously conducted individual interviews with RM, V, Jin, J-hope, and Jungkook. 

The magazine has been holding photoshoots and interviews with BTS as they speak about their passion, difficulties, and ARMY to celebrate the success of their newest release, the Butter CD. Suga is the most recent member to be featured in the magazine.

Suga, a rapper and producer, went deep and candid in an interview with the magazine on July 31. He revealed the industry’s flaws, discussed BTS’ discography changes, and explained why he didn’t feel unique. He also assured supporters that he had been in physical therapy after his shoulder surgery last year and that he was well today. 

He went on to say that although reaching the top of the Billboard charts was incredible, he believed that other global problems were more important than numbers.

Suga discusses BTS’ discography

He was also relieved that the group could release BE and Permission to Dance in light of the present circumstances to provide some joy and hope to the listeners. 

He went on to say that he wants to help ARMY in whatever way he can since they are pleased because of BTS. He also addressed the controversy over BTS’s “old music,” which has split the internet, with many fans claiming that they preferred their earlier albums to their newer ones. 

He stated that their most recent three English-language publications were the finest. “Musical preferences are varied from place to country, and civilizations are diverse,” he said.

That is why they chose to concentrate on a global message. It is normal for musicians to mix genres, and their musical styles will evolve as they mature. Suga also said that genres evolve with time. He just aspires to create excellent music. 

He went on to say that before joining BTS, he was solely interested in making music for himself, but that since then, he has struck a balance between what he wants and what the audience wants.

He also said that the American music industry was very practical and forthright regarding commercial outcomes. BTS does not need to advertise on music programs since they are where they are at. However, since K-pop is at its height, it needs new singers to emerge regularly, but the advertising plan isn’t ideal. 

The music performances are primarily for promotion and do not provide a significant financial advantage worth the exhaustion and injuries that the musicians suffer. Artists lose morale even if their performance is of great quality since there is no apparent result that the labels want. As a result, the only way out is for the industry to adapt.

Suga being happy and contented with his label

Suga expressed his delight at being with a label that appreciates the artist’s input. Instead of continually sending its artists to promotional events without listening to their reasons, the label should accommodate them and recognize their limitations. 

He stated that if the company views the artist as a commodity that must continuously produce songs and sell themselves on music programs, how can they be creative? The only way to have a fun performance is for the artist to have fun with it.

Furthermore, Suga said that all he thinks about these days is how BTS can continue to have fun and be happy on stage for a long time. 

While he is grateful for his large following, his ultimate aim is to continue making music when they have grown up. He felt that music is the only thing he knows how to do, and because he doesn’t have anything else going for him, he wants to keep creating songs that others would like.


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