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‘Suikoden’ creator shares experience on creating spiritual successor to iconic JRPG


Credited for having developed one of the most beloved RPG from Japan, Yoshitaka Murayama shares his experience towards making a spiritual successor to an established title that he helped build from the ground-up, Suikoden.

Murayama has always been an active force in the creative sphere. This is despite a weaker presence after leaving Konami in 2002. From being an employee to an entrepreneur who makes games to being a creative mind behind certain projects, Murayama never left.

A Great, New Start

Failing to establish a name for himself outside of the auspices of his previous employment, the creative genius behind the Suikoden series is making a comeback. Just earlier this year, a few of the industry’s veterans have collaborated and established a new company—one whose aim is to create a passion project that touches on one of history’s golden era.

Based in Tokyo, Murayama and former Konami colleagues have established Rabbit & Bear Studios, whose initial project inspired by various RPG titles. That is, including their previous successful project at Konami, the Suikoden series.

In a press release, Murayama stated, “The first thing we decided when our members came together was, ‘It’s about time we made a really interesting game that we ourselves want to make.'”

Former Konami Employees Roster

In the company’s membership, therein are former Suikoden veterans, including Junko Kawano and Osamu Komuta. In addition, a Castlevania: Aria of Sorrow team member, Junichi Murakami, also makes a significant part of it.

Both Kawano and Murayama have commonality for being former members of the original Suikoden, subsequently making their team up a first after 25 years.

“I wish I could say we’ve all grown and changed in many ways. But it feels like nothing has changed in the last 25 years!”

Surpassing a Mammoth Title

Despite being prominently touted as a spiritual successor to the Suikoden series, Murayama appears keen in establishing Eiyuden Chronicles as its unique IP. Pointing to previous success and not using it as a basis for his newfound project.

While in no way a chagrin, Murayama clarifies the notion in the context of showcasing his developed skills. A repertoire that he highlights as coming from his years of experience as a game developer. Also, a subtle insinuation of what the developing project could become—potentially, better than the classic he once created.

Contrary to being overconfident, however, the Suikoden creator sees his present endeavor as a challenge. The difficulty is gravitating towards the notion of coming up with a genuinely “satisfying” and “fun” game.

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