‘Summer Camp Island’ season 2 is all set to drop on HBO Max

'Summer Camp Island

Summer Camp Island season 2 is coming up very soon. Fans who loved the cartoon show can set their alarm now for its premiere day.

Summer Camp Island season 2 is all set to premiere on its new home. Originally aired in Cartoon Network, the animated TV series created is now going to be on HBO Max.

An official trailer has also been released to give its fans a sneak peek on what’s to come in the comedy-adventure series.

What to expect in season 2?

Just like in the first season, fans can expect lots of magic in Summer Camp Island season 2. It will continue to follow the magical adventure of childhood best friends, Oscar and Hedgehog.

Together, they will navigate through the camp island where popular girl witches are the counselors and monsters live under the bed.

The trailer released is just one minute long, but it shows magic being everywhere in the camp. Susie, the head witch, and lead camp counselor, also remains to be as grumpy and condescending as she is in the first season.

There’s also some knitting with monsters, hanging out with strange and magical creatures, studying magic to become a witch, and getting inside the story of a book.

In this particular camp, anything can happen, and Hedgehog and Oscar will be every viewer’s “guide” where they will show the best activities and unearth magical secrets.

The duo will also be embarking their adventures with their friends inside the camp, including food, yetis, pajamas, and witches.

There are so many things to look forward to in the cartoon show. And as the official press release states:

“As Oscar and Hedgehog spend their summer days having strange encounters with mystical creatures, they begin to discover their own magical potentials.”

When will season 2 arrive?

Summer Camp Island season 2 will be arriving on the streaming platform on Thursday, June 18, already. The release date is almost a year since it released the rest of the first season on Cartoon Network.

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The series was first introduced back in 2017 as a short film during the Sundance Film Festival, Tribeca Film Festival, and the SXSW festival.

It was a hit short that it quickly gained a fan base all over the world. It’s also created by Julia Pott, who is a former animator and story/staff writer on Adventure Time. 

Pott is also the voice of Susie, and she announced the renewal of the series during the San Diego Comic-Con 2019.

Stay tuned for more updates on Summer Camp Island season 2.

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