Summer Games Done Quick 2020 will go online this August


Speedrunning event Summer Games Done Quick 2020 announced that it would stay online.

The annual event will showcase pure speedrunner skills this coming August. In the past, Summer Games Done Quick happens before a live audience to show off the best speedrunners of the land.

With the COVID-19 pandemic, the ban on mass gatherings made it impossible to have such an event. With that, speedrunners will do their record-breaking attempts at the comfort of their own homes starting August.

GDQ to celebrate speedrunner skills at home

GDQ is one of the semiannual gaming celebrations that fans look forward to twice a year. The game offers charity video game marathons for a ton of famous video games.

Different speedrunners will play a variety of game submissions and beat the world records in many categories.

For viewers watching at home, there isn’t much trouble for this. The event is still available in common Livestream avenues. These places will include Twitch, with videos from past events available on Youtube.

“We would like to thank the community for its patience while we were figuring out the best way to proceed with Summer Games Done Quick 2020,” said Kasumi Yogi, Director of Marketing and Business Development at GDQ in a press release.

“We’re excited to continue showcasing some of the most talented speedrunners in the world while observing best practices to keep everyone safe in the midst of a global pandemic.”

For participants of Games Done Quick, there are a few changes that they need to work on.

Changes abound for participants and volunteers of Games Done Quick

Those who want to take part in Summer Games Done Quick have a few adjustments they need to do. Those who have registered before would need to sign a new form coming up tomorrow. A new round of submissions is coming out between June 6 and June 17.

Those who don’t have any submissions yet can send their proposals. Speedrunners can have up to five total submissions, both for new and existing speedrunners.

For solo and two-person speedrunners, they can have as many as four commentators. A 3-person run with no running commentary can have up to 3 commentators. A 4-person speedrun can have as many as two commentators.

As for volunteers, GDQ is not looking for new volunteers with the change in the situation. Instead, the event will take remote volunteers from its existing pool. There will also be a technology check to make sure their remote volunteers will have the right equipment.

Summer Games Done Quick with being blazing through August 16 to 23.

Featured image courtesy of Games Done Quick/Youtube Screenshots


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